a major decision

I’ve been struggling with a decision for a while now.

A traveler standing at a four-way intersection, staring at a confusing map with a star saying “you are here.” Each road seems to lead to the goal. This one looks straight. However, but it could be a dead end. This one looks smooth, but there could be a road block. This one looks unpaved and rocky, but it could smooth out later on.

That’s the fun of life. As Luffy said, who wants a boring adventure? Do you really want to know your destiny? Part of the fun of life is choosing which road to take. Like the “choose your own adventure books.”

The only thing is, we can’t flip back a few pages and pretend we never got eaten by that alien on page 16.

Well. The greatest blessings are the loved ones we meet and friends we make along the way, and our personal growth.

I’ve decided. My heart hurts and it’s rejoicing at the same time. Now, zensoku zenshin! Full steam ahead.

I had lunch with Megumi in Harajuku today between my work shifts.…