S-mount, middle of the desert, crazy animals!

quote of the weekend:
Roxy: Ewww, I think I just stepped in horse poop!
Anna: Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s fresh.

On Saturday morning, I planned to do the no-gi grappling class with Fredson, and then do kickboxing sparring. It was question day. I asked, “Excuse me, how do I keep people from standing up out of my guard?” So he taught us a bunch of points! Then he opened the floor again, so I asked again, “Excuse me, how do I hold knee on belly strongly?” Fredson motioned at Jamie to come, who was like, “NOoooooooo!” Fredson proceeded to crush the living s@$#*$# out of the poor guy. Over and over. And over. LOL SORRY, amigo!

Then we rolled and Jamie kicked my butt, along with this other guy. At first, I was super bummed, because I’m supposed to be the jiu-jitsu expert, right? Then I talked to myself.

“Roxy, drop the ego trip, and just learn from these guys. You know your game needs tightening up. You love this! Why are you bummed?”

So I turned on my brain and went back to the positions I lost in and got reversed in, and made some mental notes about what they did to get me. And how to get them off my face. I hadn’t heard of the S-mount until going to Syndicate. Lol how is that even possible? I was like “GRAH~ What are you doing to me? *taptaptap*” Jamie: Oh, S-mount.
jamie sempai

haha It was fascinating! They both taught me so much! Thanks, guys! 😀 Not only Fredson is a master, but my fellow classmates are freaking awesome!!! <3 <3 <3 I was focusing SO hard and it was SO great and SO awesome and gah! I got paper and a pencil and wrote it all down, because I can’t remember crapola unless I write it down. Then that class ended and the kickboxing/MMA sparring was supposed to start....but I really didn’t want to hit anything. 🙁 I was in jiu-jitsu mode! ._.; So I ambushed Jamie and he taught me MORE. For like 30 more minutes after class had ended. THANK YOU, sempai! 😀 (that means “senior rank” in Japanese) Who cares if I’ve been training longer in some cases. X_x If they can do it better, they can do it better. Bottom line. We always need to be students. I went to Fredson’s party in the evening! It was so much fun! roxy fredson bootsy

They played BEER PONG! It’s so funny! Throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer and then drinking? Good idea! Everyone was like, “Roxy, you’ve NEVER played beer pong before?!?!”
No. lol I don’t drink. In Japan they don’t do it, and in college, I did nothing but study and train and watch anime. Lol
I left early at 10:15PM, though, because I have a problem of getting really sleepy while driving.  It’s really scary, so I don’t want to stay out late.

My Sunday started off with me setting vegetables in a pot to steam, and then getting on Skype with my mom, so I didn’t notice when the water ran out. The put burned and smoked, which set off the smoke detector loudly (at 5 AM). My mom got pissed and hung up on me. And my pot is black and smells like farts. 🙁

At 9 AM, Victoria took me to Gold’s Gym on her buddy pass system, and I got in an excellent weight session. I went heavy. Sunday’s a day I wanna go heavy. I pulled a leg muscle doing stairs on Friday, though, so I’m limping. It’s so dumb. Dude. Gold’s Gym membership is ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS. Just…. TEN. OMFG my mind is blown. In Japan, do you know how much paid? EIGHTY DOLLARS A MONTH. $80~! Just…like… WHAT?! Ten dollars is like NOTHING. How do they stay in business?!

This afternoon/evening, I went to my friend Anna’s and Bruce’s house! They live in Red Rock, i.e. the mountains. Like, on a mountain. I was driving there and started freaking out because there was like…NOTHING but rocks and desert.

beautiful view
(I had my eyes on the road the WHOLE time, which is why the pic is at an angle) ^_^

If there hadn’t been power lines, I’d have been more nervous. I broke down a few times in the middle of nowhere in Western Massachusetts in the middle of the night, so I have anxiety from that trauma. And then my car started struggling…like slowing down randomly? Whoa, Lee, are you okay?! It’s a used car and I’m low on gas…

Then my ears popped. I realized that I had been going up hill! It was gradual, so I hadn’t noticed! Phew, it wasn’t a problem with Lee. (my car).

First, Anna took me to her friend’s house. She had horses and burros! 😀 The burros were so friendly! Once I gave them a carrot, they followed me around and nudged me, like a dog!
burro and roxy
And I stepped in burro or horse poop, and Anna said, “Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s fresh.” LOL
Anna took me to this Bar/restaurant! So many cool people there! I signed a dollar and glued it to the wall. O_O; Because apparently that’s the hip thing to do there?
dollars glued everywhere
Look, there are even panties and bras hanging down with dollars hanging off! hah

Anna treated me to RIBS!!! XD I never ate them in Japan, so I got a little excited, you gotta understand…. And then took me to her house and introduced me to her family! Her husband actually went to grade school with my dad and they were friends, so that’s how I came to meet them in the first place! I also met one of the sons, and many animals. Three big dogs. Then…two talking birds!
Then, A blue-tongued skink! Man, how freaky!(click pic to enlarge)

Its head was like a snake, but it had a lizard’s body!?
bearded gekko
Then, two bearded dragons!
Then a tiger gecko, was it?

My mind couldn’t have been anymore overwhelmed and surprised. Anna said, “here hold this one. Here, hold this one.” Just putting lizards on me and stuff and then walking away to get the next one. I was like “WOW a skink! WHOA a bearded dragon?! HOLY COW, a gecko?!” Like a little kid.

If Anna had said, “If you come into this room, we have a Siberian spider monkey!” I would have been like “oh cool, let’s go, can I touch it?” LOL at that point.

She made the best chicken fingers under the sun. And I met their kids (who are my age) and we talked about fighting and anime and sports and….! It was heaven!…