meetings and teaching children

On Sunday after work, I worked out and did legs at the gym.

On Monday, I went to the sekkotsuin, but I didn’t notice much improvement. I think it really only helps me if I’m in a lot of pain…. that’s how it was last time, too.
Anyway, after that, I met my friend and co-worker Michele and we went to Sweets Paradise for lunch. ^^ Then we went window shopping around Kawasaki. It was really nice to hang out with her.

We found a bunch of funny T-shirts and stuff. I bought Care Bear Ear phones πŸ˜€

I managed to train in the evening. Abe-san is in the USA so Megumi taught class. She and I did uchi-komi drills and then she taught the class a single leg take down. It was nice to hear it explained so well step-by-step, and review the basics. Over time, sometimes I forget a minor point, and if I don’t drill it, a technique suddenly stops working and I wonder why. I wish I had time to do more drilling.

I’ve been after my boss to schedule us a kids meeting, and weeks kept passing by, but it didn’t work out on the schedule board. We finally had one on Tuesday and I said what needed to be said.
I prepared a LOT for it, and it went really smoothly. Yaaaay.

I’ve been talking to Dad a lot lately. I always want to talk to him, but can’t always find an excuse to call, but I’ve been calling now and then. I think more and more time passes since our last meeting, so I miss him more and more. We chat for a few minutes before he starts work, because my 10:30 PM is his 8:30 PM. My dad is so cool. <3 I read a quote: β€œThe older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” –Tim Russert Hahah yeah. Yesterday, my pre-school outservice went smoothly! I always prepare so much for it. Dad said, "The more preparation you do, the more smoothly things go. Meetings don't run themselves." πŸ™‚ And the kids...there's one little boy in the class. I mean, he's TINY, even for a 4-5 year old. He's the top of his head doesn't even come up to my hip, and I actually unconciously try and make sure he always gets to say something or gets some kind of attention from me, just because I don't want him to get overlooked because he's so small. And he speaks really clearly. πŸ˜€ I think he's gonna grow up into one of those physically small but super smart guys. But who can say, he's only 4. Just....looking down into the clear eyes of those little children... it's like nothing else in this world. Open, innocent, they only want one thing- your love and approval. It's such a beautiful thing. It's funny... even since I taught at SY school (my previous school), I avoided children outside of work like the plaugue. But teaching these little ones, I find myself looking down into people's baby carriages on the street, into the little baby looking around with wide-eyes, thinking, "Isn't that cute?" @_@ Crazy, huh? And no, I don't want one of my own. I'm plenty satisfied with teaching other people's. lol Anyway. I covered for a sick teacher and taught a group I'd never met before, material I've never taught before. And I pulled out a great lesson with a presentation activity and everything. πŸ˜€ Yay. Okay, I better go. Morning lessons, gym in the afternoon break, and then evening lessons. I'm still really .... not genki, but taking one day at a time. …