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Last week I tried to get back on my normal schedule after the craziness of moving and fights.

But my body was wrecked- arms, lower back, legs, etc, so many places. It makes me so mad my cardio got worse due to lack of stairs and cardio training, despite doing MMA training every day and physical labor of lifting heavy boxes and carrying them up and down stairs. So I made sure I did stairs every other day, which made my legs cramp up and knees start hurting. I wish I had my 20 year old body back. LOL But yeah, there’s no backing down for a pro fighter, but one also can’t overdo it to the point of injury. I got back to doing yoga twice a week and I saw Teri twice a week again instead of once (my magical masseuse) so my lower back has been a little better the past few days.

Then my frustration at lack of jiu-jitsu training pushed me to take a private lesson with Casey (Milliken), an instructor besides Vinny. I really love the way he communicates techniques. So he taught me 4 chokes, and I’ve been trying to spar more to practice. ppl should hit him up for private lessons. 😛

So in the past, in an effort to level up, I did the technique part of the BJJ class and then sat out sparring so I’d have enough energy to do the MMA class immediately afterwards. But it’s not only energy. It’s the stress – my body has an HP (hit point) bar. The more I use it, the more the HP goes down. If I use up too much strength, various nagging injuries will act up and the body will refuse to work anymore. 🙁

Blah blah we all have aches and pains, so I know I’m not special. I’m not trying to complain, I’m trying to explain why I’m not attending every single class two in a row morning and night. 🙁

I wish I could do everything. Grr. I’m so frustrated. I want to get better and do tournaments. But I know, I have to prioritize MMA. I love BJJ so much, though. Whatever, the good news is I was able to pull off some stuff I learned and I’ll figure out a way to get in some jiu-jitsu. I hope I get news of an Invicta fight soon. Maybe after that I’ll focus more on BJJ. I said that last time. lol

My kids class is growing. It’s so exciting! Since last September I became the lead instructor for the class ages 4 to 7 (why can’t it be ages 5 to 7?) and basically started from 3 kids. Even though I ran a great class, maybe the visiting parents didn’t like the small size? But then recently we’ve been having between 8 and 12 kids each time. 😀 😀 They bring their friends and bam! Big class! I just gave out a few more stripes yesterday and am really proud. 😀 I think they’re having fun and getting better at jiu-jitsu.

bjj roxy teaching colin 2
colin and roxy
The other day I was talking to one of my teammates about a new guy on the mat in the adult’s class , and I said, “oh, I think that he’s the father of one of my kids.” And my teammate said, “I would HOPE you’d know the father of your kid!” LOL “My Kid” like my BJJ students! I call them my kids. hahahaha
kids group big may
I’m enjoying my new apartment and living with my training partner, Hannah. Our life styles don’t clash, I think! 🙂

I had a few issues this week, like my government assisted health insurance getting denied starting NEXT MONTH because I made one thousand dollars over the minimum limit last year. I freaked out when I got the letter in the mail. Um, it’s very confusing because, well, I don’t want to put it in writing, but I qualified last year and I made LESS money this year? I’m definitely not rolling in the dough. So I still qualify for some kind of Obamacare. yay.

So when people asked me, “Why didn’t you travel around Asia when you lived in Japan?” Now I can answer them, “So when I quit my full-time job to become a fighter full-time, I’d have money in the bank to pay my rent and buy a car and pay health insurance.” lol Everybody has different opinions and values for money, right? Live in the moment and enjoy life, or don’t spend anything and save for a rainy day… etc.

I want more Herbal Papaya products! I’ve been really enjoying my tea, seed powder, and green powder. I’m getting the liquid extract next. It’s healthy (supposed to be good for digestion among other things) and sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Hannah brought home half a cheese cake from work. omgdanger will robbinson
she ra and herbal papaya

If people buy something and use the code “roxy” at check out, they get 10% off and I get a commission! 🙂

Padwork is going well. This week, only once a week since Coach John was away cornering Julian Marquez to an awesome TKO victory in Combate Americas in California! Yay
But still, I learned good stuff. So there’s a certain combo with a low kick that John’s trying to have me do, and he says I don’t turn my shoulder over enough and cover my face with my shoulder. “You gotta protect yourself when you do your kicks. If you don’t use protection, you’ll get pregnant, Roxy.”


I ain’t forget’n that after THAT juicy bit of advice. XD Now I gotta remember to throw that kicks.

laughing luffy

I’ve been watching a lot of the anime World Trigger lately, and also started Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress just because I was inspired one day to click on a suggested link and had read a review. It’s amazing! Post-apocalyptic new-type zombie series. I LOVE the voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka…he does Ushio in Ushio and Tora.

kabane 1

kabaneri 1