Dear friends, we “Fight Together”

So for the past week, I haven’t been able to train, because I hurt my leg, and then my neck started bothering me a lot, which is so weird since I haven’t TRAINED ON IT. wtf I’m trying to be positive but it’s really hard.

Celine and Brittany are emailing me a few times a day asking me if I’m going to train, and I have to keep telling them, “No” “No” “No.” It’s really really painful for me emotionally to do that….because I’m trying not to think about training…and I totally snapped at Celine and was short with Brittany. I’m sorry, my friends. ;_;

Just then, this song “Fight Together” came on my mp3 player. It’s a One Piece theme song. And then I thought, “I feel unlucky, but in fact I’m so lucky. I have people that actually want to train with me. These friends love me and give a damn whether I’m healthy, and they want to be with me. I’m so grateful!!”


And then I was not as unhappy. You know, I believe emotional pain is worse than physical pain. The two can be connected, but not always.

Thank you to my friends and fans for being so supportive!

This song is really beautiful…I can’t find a subbed version.
It’s by Namie Amuro, called “Fight Together.”
Here are the lyrics, and the song is under that.

No matter what kind of trials lie ahead, nothing can stop my beating heart. There’s only one place to go. Bonds forged through battle. I won’t let anyone break them. When I open my clenched fist, I will find power there.
Let’s start! The new world is calling. Now, look! No matter how many seas separate us I’m always supporting you. Don’t be afraid to advance! Don’t forget, we fight together.

We’ve really come a long way. Each with our own pledge in our heart. There is no doubt. There are burdens we must carry with us. But the sun will rise and shine equally, even on our sorrows. I believe in the future that will become one someday
Let’s go to find it together!
You’re irreplaceable. Don’t forget, we fight together