super great Thursday :D (training, eel, Megumi)

I woke up at 5AM, after 5 hours of sleep, and finished Die Hard with a Vengeance. XD Bruce Willis is soooooo coool.

I went to morning training already pretty sore, but worked with Billy to develop a new strategy and combination for the next time I have a fight. Thanks, Billy! Had fun sparring two other guys.

Stocked up meat (on sale! sasami 69 yen /100grams and beef 100 yen per 100 gram!) in Hanamasa, went home, did chores, took a ten minute nap, and then met Megumi in Saizeria. I talked with her for a while and got her counsel about various issues. I feel much better now… 😀 We also studied a little English. I’m unable to give her the kind of base I want since we don’t meet regularly. _< We were meeting pretty regularly last year, but then she got busy with Bellator and I got sick etc etc. I like Megumi's sneakers!

After our chat, she said, “So have you eaten eel today?” I HAD FORGOTTEN it’s Doyo no Hi! We have to eat eel! Here is why: According to the Shinjuku town website…
In the Edo period, an eel restaurant had difficulty selling eel in summer, so the owner sought the advice of Hiraga Gennai, a famous herbalist and inventor. Gennai suggested that because people believed in the tradition of eating dishes that began with the letter u on ushi-no-hi to survive the summer heat, the owner should put a sign out in front of his shop saying Today Is Ushi-no-Hi. As a result, the eels that did not sell during the summer in the past now sold very well. Other eel restaurants followed suit and advertised in the same manner. Thus, people started to enjoy eating grilled eel on the day of the ox in summer, which became a Japanese custom.

So Megumi and I went shopping the grocery store and we both bought eel. XD

It’s kind of expensive. Like ten bucks or more for an eel, cheaper if it’s from China, more expensive if from Japan. :} I LOVE eel so much, but I’ve been tightening my belt, so have been skipping it.

wooo eel.

So I feel fine, but I sneezed a few times, and I’m starting to feel like I’m racing, so I decided to take a night off from training. Heaven forbid I get sick! I got exciting things happening! 😀
I have my mandatory company health check tomorrow, and then bonus lessons in the evening cuz my boss rocks at making a schedule. <3 Life is GOOD. >:D…