what came after Jewels 22….part 2 of 2

Saturday was very hard for me, as I mentioned in my previous blog. I had to watch my friends and former teammates fight knowing I should have fought, apologize to everyone in Japanese, and deal with my injuries.

I’ve been depressed all week, and on Sunday, I tried to make plans with a friend so I wouldn’t have to be alone, but it fell through. u_u After reading one of my depressed Tweets, one of my teammates offered to meet me for tea. That was really nice. We chatted about everything, and I realized some things about my training. I won’t write them all here, but I need to tweak my schedule. I hope these things will also help me become injured less often. I also need to add personalized physical training into my regime. I will have to ask my boss to change my work schedule.

My teammate also taught me a lot of Japanese, too. Boy, he talks fast. u_U My brain couldn’t keep up. Well, some people are like that, and I just have to do my best. <3 Thank you so much, my friend! I really am so lucky to have such dependable friends. 🙂 My neck feels slightly better. It is recovering, so that's good. Mentally, I feel better. I'm hoping my lifestyle will improve if I'm able to make these schedule changes, and I'll be able to get more of a benefit from my dojo. And also....I need to do more 'shugyo.' That means 'mental training.' I used to do it all the time early in my career. Like, I went into bakeries when I was cutting weight, looked at everything, but never bought anything. It sucked and was hard, but that's why I did it- to toughen myself up mentally. I'm going to start doing that again. Watching practice but not doing it. I HATE just watching. I'd rather stay home. But that's why I should go watch. The harder it is, the stronger I'll get. I think I've become weaker. I'm excited to have a new direction, or rather, I got pointed back on the path I used to take. This entry didn't do justice to what my teammate did for me. Talking to him really turned my mentality around. Thank you thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …