long weekend ending with Fukuzushi

These past few weeks have seemed to crawl by. This weekend was super long. Probably because I worked all day on Saturday and Sunday and didn’t get any release by training. Various body parts hurt… ;_; All I want to do is train…

anyway, enough whining.

Saturday, I had a successful kids assessment, where the girl was considering rival schools but she chose ours :D. Same with a boy before. Yessss. XD I also had a great group lesson, and so did another mentoree of mine, so I’m very pleased with that. I’m also planning the kids Halloween party, so I’m starting to think about that. Saturday night, I just worked worked worked on my book proposal chapter outlines. I was almost finished! But my mind was so active and stressed that I couldn’t relax. I had a stress dream and woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep.

That made Sunday’s work pretty hard… I finally made it through and met my friend and former student Mariko. We went to Fukuzushi, Kozo’s restaurant. That’s where I had my birthday party. We deviated from what I usually get – kama yaki, grilled tuna neck- and instead got goya chample, gin tara (to die for!) and sashimi and chilled tako wasabin. I really enjoyed talking to Mariko. I’m really able to relax there. Kozo is such a freaking good cook it’s ridiculous. He single handedly attracts coustomers from all around the neighborhood.

Last night I FINISHED the book proposal. I probably need to edit it, but I’m waiting for feedback. I really really wanna get my book accepted and published!!

Anyway…. I’m gonna try and train at Ground Slam this morning. Probably not the smartest thing, but I’m not always smart.…