“I’m completely infatuated with life.” ~Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Now I’m watching Mayhem Miller’s interview with Ariel Helwani!
I love both of them! I’m such a fan of Mayhem as a person, in addition to fighter. Actually, I haven’t seen any of his fights lately, I’ve just watched his interviews. I met him once when I fought in Strikeforce, which was so cool. Please listen to some or all of the interview! It’s really awesome. Jason Miller is really real about things. I never believed he was really insane, lol. I’ll always be a fan. 😀 hah
link to his video interview
He said, in reply to Ariel’s question confirming that he’s safe and well and not doing drugs and alcohol, and Miller said, “I’m completely infatuated with life.” I love it! Me, too!

Monday was super awesome, but super tiring.
I went to pro practice and did lots of wrestling and take-downs with the guys….it was excellent practice and I find myself able to use more and more of what I’ve been taught by Katsumura-san and BJ-san lately…although Katsumura-san’s style matches me more.

I did a few MMA rounds before I strained my neck. Oh well… Then I went to a work-related meeting in Tokyo, which was productive. Following that, I had my orthopedics appointment in Shibuya, and then went to my friend Kozo’s horumon nabe/birthday party!! I feel like I’m catching a cold. I probably should have gone home, but I forgot it was his birthday and I wanted to show up!

oh thanks to Brittany for the Halloween presents! 😀

Yesterday, I did Katsumura-san’s morning class, and it was fantastic! I’m having such success in my training! I hope I can fight soon! I really want to show what I can do!!!

I got Ghost Bread (crunchy cheese flavor!) in Yokohama!

again, here’s the link to the Mayhem interview.
link to his video interview