Fantastic training, Baby shower, Blue Exorcist, crazy team pic, trip Northwest, Herbal Papaya

It’s been a fantastic week so far! Awesome awesome training. I’m back to training in full force. I learned new combos that I’m hitting in practice already. yay! I hated being out for three weeks. 🙁 I felt like crap mentally and physically so I procrastinated on writing my book…I could have finished it by now, but I felt like such crap. I did take major steps with it, though, which is better than nothing, so I AM almost finished! 😀

And Hannah is back! I love love love training with her. XD and she’s my friend. I love being able to see my friends every day.

I finished reading the Attack on Titan manga, what’s released, and moved on to Blue Exorcist. I really like it!
blue exorcist pic
This boy finds out in episode 1 that he’s the son of the devil and has powers….but his human father is an Exorcist…and adventure ensues.
You can watch it here legally for free.

Janna and John had a baby shower and I was invited. It was so nice and wonderful. XD Babies!!
roxy and tony in glasses

roxy janna babyshower
cool group at baby shower
I kind of want one myself some day. I think I have good genes to pass on, but I have neither the time nor significant other at the moment… and I’m 32 years old. :X Oh well, I’ll just enjoy taking care of other people’s kids for now.

Speaking of other people’s kids, I resumed my private lessons with Preston! The other day he said, “It’s my birthday! I’m older than you! I’m eight!”
roxy and cute student preston and trebla gi
(click to enlarge)
LMAO I laughed so hard I was rolling around on the ground. He has no concept of age. hahaha HE’S SO CUTE I can barely stand it. XD Except when I tell him to get side control or mount on me, he jumps REALLY hard on my chest/face/stomach and I have to block, or I’ll get a heel in the eye. x_x Just because I’m a giant doesn’t mean he can abuse meeeee. <3 I tell ya, kids have no concept of things. 😀 I'm really enjoying my Herbal Papaya products, especially this ground up seed powder. I like putting it on my eggs and salad. It has an appealing nutty-peppery taste and it supposed to be good for digestion. herbal papaya powder pic
This bag is lasting forever. I used it like every other day and I’ve had it for maybe more than two months and there’s still a third left. So you get your money’s worth.

This happened yesterday. Don’t ask, I can’t tell. XD Coach John texted us to wear crazy stuff and bring weapons after practice. lol wut? The craziest thing I had was my Princess Leia costume. XD haha Hopefully more info coming soon. XD Let’s just say I love my team Syndicate so damn much.
team syndicate  crazy group

Don’t forget, for my fans in Portland and Washington, I’m doing two appearances. One seminar at Victory Athletics, and I’ll be at the event Glamour in Portland! Both May 30th
victory mma seminar

glamour info