Japan trip 2018 part 3: friends, Fukuzushi, My Hero Academia movie

Thursday, Serena and I did Groundslam’s pro practice again. People came late so we sparred a bunch beforehand, and then I enjoyed sparring with some other people who came. We didn’t get a group picture this time. It was nice to see Omigawa-san again! He said that he came especially because he heard I was going to be there. How nice! We grappled and he kicked my butt, but maybe slightly less than last year. I survived! 🙂 It’s always such an honor to train with a talented veteran such as Omigawa-san.

After that, we went to meet my former co-worker friend Gloria for a nice Japanese-style lunch in Kawasaki! She’s another friend who I hadn’t been able to visit last year, and she made a big effort to come to kawasaki since it’s a little far from her house. Thank you very much! 😀

It was so nice to catch up. ^^ We went for a walk afterwards.

I think Serena and I just chilled in our room for a while until it was time to meet Karla for dinner, another co-worker friend. Karlaaaa I miss you! I love reminiscing about Berlitz, although I know things have changed, not necessarily for the better. ^^;; But I loved that life, for the most part! And it was great to work with you and I’m glad we made friends.

Thanks for coming to Kawasaki to meet me and Serena!

Friday September 7th I met my friend Kozo for tea and he treated me to this AMAZING OREO MUFFIN. Go Japan, for inventing this.

It was great catching up with him, too! We actually met on an online “find a foreign friend” site LOL and actually became friends. He owns a restaurant and is an amazing chef!

Serena and I went back to Akihabara for a few hours, and then back to Kawasaki in time to meet G-san and his wife and go to Kozo’s restaurant in Ishikawadai called “Fukuzushi!” It was awesome! I really enjoyed spending more time with G-san and talking with his wife again. She’s so nice!

Saturday morning, Serena and I packed up and went to see the My Hero Academia movie!!!!! IT WAS FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEeeee. There were no subtitles. I understood about 95% and managed to translate the important stuff to Serena in whispers, but I think she could follow along for the most part. 🙂 omg I’m SO happy we got to see a movie! 😀

Then we got our suitcases and headed to the airport! Bye Bye Japan! It was great. See you next year! 🙂…