back to training! the future looks brighter

Yesterday morning was Thursday, and I finished watching Die Harder on my computer (Bruce Willis is hot as a 30 year old XD).

Then I took a nap (at 8 AM). Following that, I went to the morning AACC class, but only Billy the trainer, and Tatsuki the kickboxer kid showed up.

I discussed my fight with Billy and got him to hold mits for me a certain way. It was a really light work out, but it was so hot and I sweat a lot. After practice, I weighed myself and found that I hadn’t gained weight after my fight. I was 59 kilos. 130 lbs. I should really be sticking to the 125 weight class….Akano’s fight was at 134, and I’d weighed in at 132 easily.

Anyway, then I went to my new OFFICE and talked to my new-old BOSS and we set my NEW SCHEDULE. OMFG I’M SO EXCITED. XD I say ‘new-old’ boss because he’s my previous boss from my first school. (This will be the third school I’m going to, as I’d mentioned before). My new-old boss rocks. He saw me wheeling in my big sports bag that I use to hold all my gear, and said, “Rox, you’re the noisiest ninja in Japan.”



So I’m still depressed about my fight, but I’m ricidulously psyched about my transfer, so I’m genki.

AND I figured some things out about my fighting style, and strategy. I still think my last two fights were really close, and in my heart, I didn’t feel like I lost my last fight. I felt like it was more of a draw. But anyway, so I got home, did chores, and then went to the evening AACC practice. Sakura-chan was there! 😀 I’ve finally convinced her to train at the AACC now, and she’s getting good training. It’s expensive, though. 🙁 But she’s freelance, like me now! 😀 It’s really hard to be freelance…but we sparred MMA. That was fun. XD I accidentally kneed her in the forehead and she has a huge goose egg now. Oops. She kneed me in the face, too, but it was on the eyebrow, so you can’t really notice anything.

*does a jig* Then Akano came in. I went and said hi, and got her to sign a trading card she’d given me before.

It was like a wall had been taken down. ^^ I felt like I could finally chat with her and be friendly. We’d finally gotten the fight out of the way, that’d been like 3 years in coming. And you could FEEL everyone around us relieved and more relaxed. Well, their girl had won, so of course they’re happy. 🙁 I’m not happy…. But oh well… mission was to spar before I went home, and we did, lightly. Hah it was like de ja vous, with her going for ankle locks and me getting out. Then I got top and nearly passed, and she armbarred me but let go really fast. She’s reaaaaaaaaaaaally smooth. Training with her is going to be excellent. 😀 I’m really happy about that (besides losing! AAARG I want a rematch!) but until that day, we’ll train together.

I’m really happy that I feel like I finally have the correct direction in my training. It’s true- I have to figure stuff out myself. A coach can’t always hold my hand. It just took me long enough… so I’m feeling optimistic. It sucks that I’m on such a bad losing streak, but I’m pretty convinced I’m gonna win my next fight, whoever and whenever it is.…