moving prep, the beach! training

On Wednesday, I taught at Groundslam. It was fun- about 5 people besides me came. I tried to show them how to keep the side control position if someone underhooks and tries to shrimp or get guard back. One guy got it and everyone else struggled. Then I realized that they didn’t know HOW to escape the side. oops ^^;; So back-tracked, taught that, then how to escape, then how to take the back and choke someone out. One kid didn’t do my move and did his own move, which screwed up his partner. -_-;

I was pretty tired all day, so after that, I went to the chiropractic clinic near my home, and then just did packing and moving related stuff. I can’t remember now…

Thursday, I put five heavy boxes in my two huge suitcases and lugged them to Yokosuka, where Buri-chan helped me mail them. CHEAP. omfg $63 dollars! I think it would have cost me $250 from a Japanese post office. THANK YOU! It was like physical training maneuvering those things…I was sweating profusely and today my legs are sore, hah. I took this pic just as I realized that I was about to get on a 7 AM train, rush hour, which was LATE for some reason, with two freaking huge road blocks, and I was going to get stampeded and murdered by the commuters. It’s my “omfg I’m gonna die in a sec” face.
omfg look

Then we met Groundslam pros and affiliated friends for a BBQ at Zushi beach!zushi beach group pic

It was a lot of fun! 😀
I love Brittany!! <3 <3 One of my bestest best friends! zushi- brittany and Roxy

I didn’t wear a bathing suit…I’m too shy…. ._.; But I wore these really cute fight shorts with a skirt over top by my sponsor, Tussle! 😀 and a burn-out white T, with a red The Ultimate Fighter sports bra underneath.
zushi- grill master
Me and Mamoru Yamaguchi! He’s an awesome cook! I said, “You are the GRILL MASTER!” and the name stuck for the rest of the day, hahaha. In case you don’t know Mamoru: Sherdog Page

Slade, you’re not selling the skirts anymore? I’m trying to link to your page…
link to Angel burnout shot sleeve T
zushi-yakisoba at the beach
Brittany and I and our wonderful coach, Katsumura-san! And Yaki soba!

zushi- watergun battle
(click to enlarge)
Omigawa-san I had a water gun fight…which I totally lost. haha But this is a really cool pose, if do say so myself.

I was so tired after that, but considered doing some weights. Then thought, “Wait a second, I got physical training this morning. I’d probably get to the gym and then want to die, so might as well get extra sleep instead of doing shoulders for like 10 mintues and then leaving.” So I did some body weight and core stuff in my apartment, and watched some Ronin Warriors. (Yoroiden Samurai troopers. I’ve rediscovered it!) and went to bed at 10! Brittany went to training, and I can’t BELIEVE how much energy she had! It’s amazing. Well, I used to do stuff like that five years ago. Now I’m destroyed if I don’t get enough rest….

This morning, I woke up at 5! That means I slept for SEVEN HOURS!! WOW! Fantastic! 😀

I went to morning training, and Kei Arai-san was there! He didn’t actually train, because he hurt his neck, but I’m glad I got to see him one last time. I think this might be my last Friday? I’m sad. Well, only him and Katsumura-san came, so I got personal training from Katsumura-san! 😀 So happy! He refreshed my memory on some striking techniques that he’d taught me previously, and something else I can’t wait to try. Man! He has so much to offer as a teacher. :/ I wish I had had the time and money to take lots of private lessons with him.

I have such mixed feelings about everything. So sad, so excited, so scared. And cutting ties in Japan is such a pain in the neck. I gotta go to the city hall to notify them I’m leaving the country, the tax office, etc etc. I HATE citi bank…having trouble with them. And man, I was supposed to research cars today but I didn’t. I did mail 3 boxes and pack two more.…