a bright spot in a black hole

A few years ago, one of my co-workers was lamenting over an unfavorable schedule, and I said, “At least you get to go home early!” “You know, Roxanne, you could find a bright spot in a black hole,” he said.

I was so touched by that.

In this entry, I’m going to balance everything I say with something positive. Let’s see if I can do it:

*My injury hurts. — But I can train, and I’ve had fun going to my classes, and participating!
*I’m working overtime. — I’m making extra money.
*I’m working some unpaid overtime. — I feel personally satisfied that I’m doing an outstanding job which will help not only myself, but others.
*I had an assessment for a little 4 year old girl. She cried a little because she was scared. — She gave me a big smile as she was leaving the school, and told her mom that she had fun. Her face was angelic.
*One of the boys in my other kid’s class wouldn’t pay attention and purposefully said the wrong thing. — Another boy focused and could remember everything.
*I don’t know why, but my bicep hurts so much, and so does my shoulder, so that I can’t lift my arm. — I must have had fun doing it, in training! LOL
*I forgot to put make-up on a cut over my eye. — Nobody said anything?
*I had a stressful conversation with my boss over prep time. — He usually tries to help me, and gave me a pep-talk when I was depressed about my injury.
*It was so cold outside, as I was walking home. — I looked up and saw the stars and they were beautiful! — My neck started feeling funky arching it back. (my neck sucks, omg, I can’t even look at the stars for more than ten seconds?) — *But it was dark enough for me to be able to see Orion! It’s a rarity where I am in Japan with all the light polution!
*I was so busy today, and worked overtime. — I got to relax in the morning, and watch One Piece!
*I had stomach pains again today. — At least they happened near the end of work, so I didn’t suffer through my lessons! 🙂

and now for some random pictures!
Mihara-san’s golf umbrella! hah!
(click to enlarge)
golf umbrella
My locker at work!!

(click to enlarge)
locker photo
How did I do!?…