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I really enjoyed having Kerry and also Emma here from England to train! Kerry was here for two weeks, Emma, one. Kerry first visited when she came for TUF 23 tryouts and decided to come back. 😀 She’s super cool – a strong woman personality wise and physically. She’s a police officer back in England!
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I wish we could have hung out more, but my normal life style leaves me tired and not wanting to do anything after training and teaching kids. u_U ah well.
kerry emma roxy jessica pic

I’ve been learning lots of cool stuff in my kickboxing mitt sessions with John. I feel like I have more tools in my tool box to use in fights. However there is one move that I hate and can never do and he wants me to practice it and I think in our next session I’m gonna get scolded when I protest… lol ^^;;

Anyway! This week has been great so far. My weight is going down slowly but surely. My cardio and stamina is going up. Thanks to Magic Masseus Teri G, my body is holding up! I’m fighting soon. Hopefully the announcement will happen soon because I’m not supposed to say.

My second book is out! 😀 “How to Be Positive: Mental Training by the Happy Warrior.” I introduce ten ways of thinking and then give example problems and ask the reader to think about how they would think about those situations in order to be more positive, or at least less negative. Check it out in the store of my website here:

I rediscovered Outlaw Star, the anime!
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I watched it in 1998 when I was 16! Now I found it in Japanese. It always feels different in Japanese in the native language it was intended to be, and I’m SURE they cut out the scenes when Gene stayed with the hooker in that hotel. HAH Or maybe I didn’t get it at the time.

I’m also working on One Piece. Ep 696 now. I tried and abandoned Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. No feasible plot and goals! Candy and I tried watching it together. Moving on to World Trigger. My internet has been sucking for the past 4 days so I watched Once Upon a Time season 5, the first four episodes. :/

More kids are coming to my kids class! I’m happy about that. Some of them are super young, though, and it’s hard to get them to train with the older kids. u_u Oh well. As long as a few young ones come, they can partner up.

4 year olds
My last few weeks of classes have been really good. One of my kids will do the NAGA in two weeks so I’m trying to do cram courses on how to do and defend the armbar. I don’t wanna teach the 4 year olds armbars, though, so it’s hard.
kids bjj group
Here’s one day’s group!

But I love them. 😀 I just invented a code that I finally implemented. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to do it for a while now. My Judo teacher Harry Chandler in the Dalton Judo club in Mass used to give us the same speach every day when we sat in seiza after class. “Always listen to your parents and teachers. Don’t do drugs. Don’t do judo outside the dojo.” Etc etc. But I can never remember it and everyone is too hyper to sit still for my little speach. I was 15 when I started Judo but my kids are 4-7. lol
roxy line up kids

So I made it four simple sentences that I say and they have to repeat: “I will respect my parents. I will respect my teachers. I will be nice to my classmates. I will always do my best.” It went over well yesterday! 😀 We had a trial student yesterday. I hope she comes back!

It’s very very VERY important for me to be a good example for the kids. They watch adults for the proper way to behave and copy our speech, actions, mannerisms, etc. I never curse, follow all the rules, I make sure no kids are around before I jaywalk….lol I’m not perfect, but I try to be. And I want to teach people that if you aim for perfection, even if you can’t achieve it, you’ll achieve a high level and high quality of things you do. Kids are our future, our treasure. And the parents are trusting teachers to basically help raise their kids for a few hours out of the day. I don’t have any kids and it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon, so I’m going to do a good job with other people’s kids. 🙂

I went to the MMA awards last Friday! Thanks Adam Hunter for getting me a ticket and letting me be your second date. XD
adam gina roxy mma awards
It was so much fun! I enjoyed predicting who was going to win, and loved the skits, especially Renato Laranja. Freaking hilarious. 😀 And Jabbawokeez. I’ve always been curious about them. I loved being able to sit down and chat with Adam and also Gina. 🙂 I loved seeing Adam laugh so hard he wheezed. He’s a comedian making other people laugh so I’m glad he gets to laugh sometimes.

I ran into my teammates Vinny and his son, and Enzo. Vinny’s son has the same smile. XD
roxy vinny enzo mma awards

Capitao is back! 😀 Our Brazilian brother who does his camps at Syndicate!
capitao is back

Mike Pyle won his UFC fight last weekend! I’m so happy! I really look up to him. He gave me grappling lessons for a few months in payment for a Playstation 4 I got on TUF. lol I got the better end of that deal, for sure. I think I actually squealed like a little girl while watching the fight. @_@
John’s lockerroom post fight pic.
mike lockerroom pic
alehouse with ladies mike fight
I watched it at the Alehouse with Kerry and Emma.

My Mom’s best friend she met in elementary school just passed away, so my poor mom is suffering a lot. :/ I’m trying to be supportive. …