friend’s blog: Pro-wrestler SAKURA!!

I have translated the blog of my dear friend Sakura…and nearly fell out of my chair!

Here it is!

By Kimie “Sakura” Okada
July, 2012

In March, I had my last MMA fight in Pancrase before retiring. A lot of stuff happened…I missed weight, etc. I wrote about this before, also saying that it wasn’t the reason I retired. As a pro, I just decided to retire from MMA, kickboxing, and the world of fighting in general.

After that, I spent many peaceful days. For someone like me who’s been going full-tilt for 40 years, I think it’s the first time for me to live this kind of no-pressue lifestyle. I don’t really have confidence in myself, sometimes feeling like my life has no purpose. That’s why I tend to always place high hurdles in front of myself. As a result, thanks to the help of others, I’ve managed to realize some achievements. I guess I could rename the word “hurdle” to “my dream” or “my hope.” In the end, I was able to do things many people weren’t able to do. I’m very fortunate. It’s brought me much happiness in life.

Well, since I started living by myself from 16 years old, my life has been non-stop. Of course, I’m not the only one who’s lived like that – I’m sure many people have experienced similar circumstances. However.

*Take a breath.*

So I’ve come to this place. I’ve been thinking a lot. The trigger was, if I remember correctly, year when I ran from my home all the way to Enoshima, I think it was 67 kilometers? in an ultamarathon. I hate running. I hate roadwork for sports. But I had to do it, so I did. I did the ultamarathon during the time I was thinking about retiring and stuff like that and was frustrated with leaving things incomplete. I thought that if I could achieve something in the thing I hated the most, I might be able to get some insight. So I ran. Determined, I tried to reach Enoshima. I ran all night long. And so, agonizing, feeling like I was going to die, when I reached Enoshima, it was the best feeling ever. Maybe ecstasy is like extreme pleasure right before extreme pain. Is it kind of like sadism/masochism? *laugh*

So the trigger was the end of last year.

I was invited to participate in costumed pro-wrestling by a one of my seniors from my Capoeira days. Other people who were there were Sanshu “spit” Kichi, Pedro Takaishi, Macho Michaels, DSL ( short for “Dragon Soldier Law”), Katemura, Yuiga, and Ogasawara-sensei. We ran around the Yamanote line (which is a train line which is one big loop through downtown Tokyo, 34.5 km) doing pro-wrestling at each of the (29) stations.

(on Mt. Fuji)

So from there, I did ‘guerrilla’ pro-wrestling near Sky Tree, and on Mt. Takao.

From here on out, I’ve decided that I’m going to do more pro-wrestling

I’m going to do it right. I wonder if it’s okay to call myself a real “a pro-wrestler,” but anyway, I’m going to do it.

Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I want to make it clear. I’ve retired from professional MMA and kickboxing. I want to enjoy myself, along with everyone else who is cheerful and likes to act stupid. We want to give something back. Of course, I have no intention to sacrifice my life-style as I did previously, for better or for worse. I’m not going to cut lots of weight. I have no wish to experience that tingling feeling of losing my body little by little like that. There’s no way I’m going to stumble around on weak legs and worry about that stuff anymore. I don’t want to worry my companion and cause him trouble anymore. Right now, my daily life-style is most important for me now.

But even for someone like me, I’ve been given people I need, and if I can make them happy I’ll gladly do it. Please let me do it!

However, there are various things associated with the world of pro wrestling. It’s that kind of world. I’m not really ranked to be able to do pro wrestling, at this stage. I don’t really understand the rules of it and the hierarchical order of everything. Of course I’m studying it now, but I really don’t get it. However the good people who’ve accepted me are letting me have fun with it, so I’m going to do my absolute best!

For example, I’m not going to do things like aiming to be the best of the best, and sacrifice my life-style to get there. Sorry. It’s not like I’m doing it half-heartedly, though. Or is it being half-hearted? I’ve got it into my head to do this thing, but at the very least, of the idea to “be included with everyone to help make everyone happy.”

I bet I’m getting in the way. I can’t put it into words well, but especially because pro wrestling is to entertain people. Even though I “retired,” I want to tackle this new challenge in a new world. In this pro-wrestling group called “Ice Ribbon,” they have a saying, “Happiness through Pro-wrestling!” I’m going to borrow this phrase.

As long we live in the world of adults, it’s impossible to be loved by everyone, not cause anyone trouble, and live a balanced life n perfect harmony. However, everyone shares one main concept: to be happy. *laugh* I’ve come to another hurdle, haven’t I? Well, that’s what they call ‘living.’ For me, they are reasons for living. If I’m needed by somebody… I can live anywhere! I’m an old lady now, well, just entered my 40s. But I’m still a young chick! I hope you’ll all still continue to support me! About a nick-name. Before, I felt like I was a half-serving, so I wrote my nickname in lower-case letters “sakura.” Now as a pro-wrestler, I’ll make spell it with capital ones: SAKURA. And my costume is a sailor uniform and a mini skirt.

From now on, please support “Pro-wrestler SAKURA.” I’ll do my best to entertain everyone!

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