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Came back strong after a little cold earlier this week. Trying really really hard to work stuff I’m learning on mitts with John in sparring. I’m doing okay! 🙂 I don’t want anyone else to hold mitts for me. I’m really excited.

Yesterday, man, I trained so hard I thought I was going to pass out. We did a bunch of kickboxing rounds with takedowns, and then MMA shark tank rounds. Freaking awesome. Those things get you in the best shape ever, and make you want to roll over and quit. But you can’t. And I didn’t. I did the new take down I wanted to do on Heather!!! I wanna rename it “the ninja trip!” because it’s totally one you don’t see coming. 😀 can I, please???

“Every single second.” Don’t give up a single second to your opponent, even in training. Sorry to Miesha for quoting Ronda all the time, but she really has some fantastic quotes.

I did shark tank with Heather and Jamie the other day. Thank you, guys. Man, Jamie did the Muay Thai class, the BJJ class, and then stayed to spar super hard-core with us. She probably stayed for me. THANK YOU. <3 I love you guys. Just after I finished getting grounded, I wanted to fall asleep, but our coaches were like "CHANGE!" and then to me, "OKAY NOW GET ON HEATHER!! NOW!" omg fml ~_~ By pushing myself past my limits, I found a new limit. Or did I? I finished practice on my feet! 😀 Josh Haynes put his hand on my shoulder in greeting, and then asked me if I'm ever 'not' smiling. lol Once in a while... After training, I fell asleep on the exercise equipment waiting for Jake, who had to leave without working on me, so I dragged myself home, and used my remaining willpower (which I built up during the car ride home by listening to Metallica) to throw myself into an ice bath. It was the first time my mom was home during this process. I think she was also disturbed by my tired grunting as answers to her questions. lol She peeked in as I was setting it up, asking "how much water do you put in?" I grunted. "How many bags of ice?" I grunted. And then when I stayed in there, she called in, "How long do you stay in!?" "FIVE MINUTES!" I squeaked. lol I caught my second wind a few hours later during teaching the kids class.... THEY ARE SO CUTE omg. roxy kids class at syndicate

I wanted to get a group picture, but I wanted to get permission from the parents first, and they all split after class. lol Then I ran into the mom of these so it was okay :D. I love these girls!

Then Jake worked on me (chiropractic) and I felt great. Best Chiropractor in Vegas….

jake roxy revgear

OH, I got sponsored by Revgear!! 😀 Thank you! So I got gear and clothing and potential sponsorship for fights…

Today (Friday), Miesha Tate and Bryan came to class! 😀 We did useful drilling and going live at the end. It was so cool to train with Miesha as partner-partner, rather than coach-student. 🙂

heather roxy miesha
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I wish I had gotten a picture of our coaches, John and Bryan in there, too. -_- But I don’t think the camera would have been able to handle the awesomeness. Maybe next time 😀

Then I went home and had THIS!!!!
frozen yoghurt

Blue Bunny’s Caramel Praline Frozen Yogurt. I’d been looking forward to it!! 😀 It was yummy!!

I am so sore. I wanna spar hard tomorrow, though!

~~~ â™Ș  I love Syndicate ~~~ â™Ș…