I went to TUF 20 tryouts!

No, I’m not trying out again, I was already on the show! No, I’m not dropping from 135 lbs to 115 lbs. Are you crazy? No, I’m not fighting in the UFC now, I signed with Invicta months ago. No, I can’t talk about the results of the tryouts…that’s the first Rule of The Ultimate Fighter: don’t talk about The Ultimate Fighter. lol

I’m amazed at how many people asked me these questions on Twitter and Facebook. ^^;

So now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way! 😀

I went to support my friends Heather Clark and Helen Harper, and meet people and be a part of the experience. 😀 I know all the staff, so it was really cool to say hi to the camera and sound guys, and coordinators and interviewers and people. 🙂

They made me sign a waiver and interviewed me with Heather! 😀 We hugged and were all like best-friend-mushy stuff that they probably won’t air because it’s so cheesy. LOL but I said some good stuff so yeah haha.
roxy and healther at tryouts

And I sat with Helen and Miesha!
roxy miesha heather

And Ricky Lundell, my coach from TUF 18. 😀 I love this guy.
bunny ears tryouts

group at table roxy healther meisha

I said hi to Dana White! I wanted a picture like everybody else, but I was too shy to ask. ^^; I’ve talked to him many times, but I’m still in awe of him. ._.

I met Marq for the first time in person, one of my friends and MMA reporter/website owner! 😀 The peacock feather in his hat is amazing. And he’s wearing a Team Kristin shirt! XD
marq and roxy

And …..I’m a huge fan of Tecia Torres! She’s younger than me and is 4-0, but she’s so talented and cool and her striking is like bambambamFasterThanTheEyeTornadoooooooo. #Invicta I can wait to see her fight again. XD I was like ….a fangirl. hahaha I like being a fangirl sometimes. And her arms and shoulders are bigger than mine. :[ *jealous*
roxy tecia torres

I met Bec (Hayatt) Rawlings !
beck hayat roxy

I recognized soooooo many people, but couldn’t place their faces or names to where I’ve met them before (or just seen them fight.) So PLEASE, if you come up to me, don’t say, “Hey, do you remember me?” Because it’s sooo embarrassing for me to give you a blank stare and try to explain yes, and no. :(Then you are hurt. So just give me a break and be like ‘Hey, I’m blahblahblah, we met at the blah blah blah.” Thanks! :{

It was really fun and interesting to watch people do grappling and mitts. Very. And …. I can’t talk about it. XD (see “rules of The Ultimate Fighter” stated above)

Oh, my coach John Wood was there, and Julie Kedzie came to visit! 😀 Michael Chiesa was there, too.
john julie roxy mike c at tuf 20 tryouts 2