met Brittany after work for Japanese, fried fish eggs&French toast

Yesterday, my work schedule got changed at the last minute, and rather than teaching, I ended up getting a lot more time to Kid Coordinator’s tasks that I’ve been wanting to but never got the time. 🙂 So I was really pleased. It was an easy day. I peaked at Wednesday’s schedule….it looks rough. Four little kids classes in a row. I’ll be going after training, so I’m gonna be dead. lol ;_; Oh well.

After work yesterday, I lifted weights. My usual Sunday workouts have become ill-timed, because on Friday I work out hard with Mitsui-san, my personal trainer, and we’re doing weights. So I’m still really sore come Sunday. :/ I don’t really want to lift weights, but I wanna do SOMETHING because I took Saturday off. There’s no MMA class on Sunday, though, so the only thing I can do is weights. And Friday is the only day I can meet Mitsui-san.
Yesterday, despite going with light weight and many reps, I started to feel like I was hurting myself, so I stopped. *sigh* I just don’t have enough time and energy in the week!

After THAT, I hurried to Yokohama and met Bri-chan! 😀 I wasn’t going to eat anything, but ended up having this French toast and roasted fish eggs and a bite of ice cream. lol (what a combination!)
(click to enlarge)
roxy french toast mentai

Brittany had okonomiyaki. At the place that I got food poisoning at. u_U I’m deathly afraid to eat their okonomiyaki now. But I’ve never had any other problems. *sigh*
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The Chef drew fish kites to symbolize “Children’s Day,” or actually “boy’s day.” The carp fish swims upstream, so is used as a symbol of young boys growing strong against hardship. Families with little boys always hang fish kites around their house.
brittany fish kites okonomiyaki

Bri-chan gave me a little jelly shaped like a heart. Haha. And look at my kick-@$$ One Piece T-shirt with the character “Jinbei!” He’s so cool. 😀
roxy jinbei jelly

Then we had a Japanese lesson. I’m really impressed with Brittany. She’s picking it up and catching on. I know I’m not a Japanese teacher, and she doesn’t have time to learn all the writing styles and stuff. I was trying to force her, but it’s not as useful to her as the spoken language, so I tolerate her writing notes in romaji (English characters) rather than the way I learned, taking notes in hiragama. (Japanese characters). Of course, a great deal of the improvement is due to her listening to it every day at the gym.

And in case you missed it, I showed a technique with G-san.