Fun Friday – grappling lesson, UFC Expo, Chris Weidman

Yesterday started out with me giving another private lesson to Amelia! We did grappling. It was really cool for me to be able to give little pointers on the technique she already knows to make it better.
amelia and roxy day 2 2 2
And when she said her favorite submission move was rear-naked-choke, I admit I got a little excited. It’s my favorite, too. I told her to try and choke me, and I wondered what it’d be like! So she locked it on, snapped a BODY TRIANGLE triangle on me and squeezed!!

I was like………….
vegeta choked

It was awesome! I started trying my hardest to get out! Big challenge…it took me two minutes but I finally got out. Nice job. XD And I taught her some tricks to finish it. Now she shall return to the gym and choke everybody out more than she did before. XD XD teehee I seriously love choking. I used to like triangles the best, but only because I tended to get them a lot. I love chokes because they gurgle and tap out, and then when you let them go, they are perfectly fine and uninjured. XD
amelia and roxy day 2
Fun stuff.

Then I headed over to the UFC Fan expo in the Sands center. It was nice! Different then last year but okay. The Reebok clothes were ridiculously overpriced, as expected. No way I would buy any of them. :/ But the UFC design T shirts were nice, if I wanted a souvenir. But when your money comes from being punched in the face, it’s easy to resist buying stuff. “Hmm I got my face F*cked up to buy this T-shirt…I don’t think so.”


I didn’t have an interest in participating in the fitness challenges but some people did, and there were kickboxing matches going on.
random shot of expo

There was a Muscle Pharm booth, some muscle pain patch products, and Defense soap!! I love defense soap! I shower with it after every practice and it’s supposed to have ingredients that kills bacteria on the skin.
defense soap roxy

and if you like my T-shirt, check out my coach’s clothing line MVRK!
I made a lot of contacts last time, but not as many this time. :/ There was like an action figure collectible booth last time that I was hoping would be here this time, but wasn’t.

I met a lot of nice fans who stopped me for pictures and to sign stuff. Seriously, it’s an honor! I love meeting people! I want people to not be afraid to say hi! Unless I’m heading for the bathroom….then I might be cranky if you stop me. XD other than that….! haha Feel free to hang around outside the bathroom like a stalker waiting for me to come out and then we can talk.

I wanted to get signatures myself, but I was so sore and tired from training that I gave up and went home at like 2 PM. Overall, it was a nice Expo. Good job, organizers.

Later, I met up with Katie to go to the Las Vegas Fight shop in Planet Hollywood to meet Randy Couture…. but decided last minute to wait in the long line and meet Chris Weidman. He looks like Captain America! I realized later that his logo is like Superman, but he could pull off ANY SUPERHERO. EASILY. Somebody get that man a superhero movie role.

Soooooo we waited for an hour, and talked to this nice couple the whole time.
nice guys at chris w signing

And then he rolled in with his wife and two kids. XD SO CUTE.

roxy and chris weidman

I said, “Hi, my name is Roxanne. And I’m a fan…and you look like Captain America.” He smiled tolerantly and said, “Really?”
roxy chris weidman posters

We left without meeting Randy Couture. 😀
I’m thinking about buying that T-shirt…..hmm “I got my face f*cked up to buy a Chris Weidman superman t shirt…” Maybe it’s worth it? haha

Then Katie and I ate and went home and I watched an episode of The Arrow Season 2 and went to bed. 😀 😀 😀…