from hospital to hospital

I’ve been out of my usual routine all week, especially these last few days. On Monday I had my adventure at the Immigration office (walking 40 minutes there in the rain, getting hit on), and then visited Katsumura-san in the hospital. That night, I went to a yaki niku party at Kozo’s restaurant, Fukuzushi. I met some nice people, and I had fun. I ate stuff I know I’m not supposed to eat, got a stomachache that carried over into all of Tuesday. ;_; But I kind of knew that would happen. It’s just so hard to resist eating delicious food when it’s right in front of you. ~_~;

On Tuesday, I finally got my adjusted schedule- I managed to get the afternoon and early evening off from work so I could go to training, and I work more on other days of the week, instead. ;D But because of my neck, I couldn’t go, so I took the time to visit Steve and then Katsumura-san again.
It was good to see Steve, and that he was in good sorts despite his knee surgery. I’m glad it seemed to be a success. You’ll get better soon, man! I know it! ;_;

I walked from the station to the hospital and it took me 15 minutes to get there. I took a taxi back, though, and then had to take the train and then walk 20 minutes to Katsumura’s hospital and 20 back, like yesterday. lol My legs are killing me so sore from walking all over the place, but with every step and ache I bless the universe that I have feet that I CAN USE to take me places. EVERY STEP.

I’m gonna try and go to training this morning, and I’m nervous but excited. I have no idea why it’s taking so long for my neck to heal. :/ I’m going to go on a diet. I don’t feel comfortable at my weight. ~_~; I keep saying that but it’s so hard to diet if I don’t have a fight coming up and I’m not training full time…anyway enough of the excuses. I’ll do my best!

When I visited Katsumura, I’d been hoping to talk to him more, but other people were there. :/ oh well… This is the pic he took of us. I was ‘drawing’ my samurai umbrella. XD

Then I went back to work and worked from 7:30 to 9:20.…