crazy busy Monday!

Yesterday was crazy non-stop busy, but I loved every second of it!! 😀

Except pulling my calf muscle. -_-;

Started out watching more ONE PIECE. Episode 526. They’re on their way to Fisherman’s Island, and omg Nami’s clothes are ANNOYING. OMFG Why did the artist have to draw her in a bikini with her breasts larger than her head and sticking out twice the length they should. (don’t answer that). I believe in a little fan-service, but it’s ridiculous and distracting. The story is frick’n fantastic, though.

THAT was followed up by talking with a SKYPE DATE with my wonderful cousin Adele and Luis! <3 <3 <3 Then did Groundslam's morning class training with Steve and the other guys. I missed a few rounds of sparring to do a short interview with teammate Noripi for his fight; Michinori Takana is our new super-strong up-and-comer who's gonna beat everybody in the UFC someday. I am CONVINCED of this. I'm going to post it later, so please read it!!! ;_; He's fighting in the Philippines in November. THEN I practiced English with our beloved coach, then rushed to Shibuya for osteopathic treatment. Mihara "Miracle Hands" said, "oh you're so relaxed! You're getting better!" But it was only because I hadn't trained Saturday and Sunday. *laugh* Eating while walking, I hurridly dragging my mammoth camping-bag jammed with gear back to Yokohama. I taught Brittany Japanese in Starbucks! I did the TPR method (total physical response) to teach body parts. She remembered the name of body parts SO quickly. I was really pleased. 😀 Brittany is such a good, hard-working student......she got so into it that she was even trying to conjugate nouns! XD HAHAHHA that was the best moment ever. I arm, you arm, she arms, he arms....BUT people DO say "She handed me something!" or "He strong-armed her" so it's not so strange in English. But it is in Japanese. LOL Loved it. Anywway, then we both went to Groundslam's BJJ class together! I LOVE Tetsu-san's class, and he himself is hilarious. (picture is from last June)
He was counting to three “one two three!” in English in a high-pitched silly voice to make fun of me and Brittany. If I got a move a little off, he said, “No, no noooooooo Roxaaanne!” as if he were talking to a baby.

And of course shouting off obscenities in foreign languages is always fun.

Seriously, training with a friend is SO fun. Normally, if I mess up on a move, I get really tense and mad at myself and my brain starts shutting down. However, when I was with Brittany, I couldn’t get upset. I Just laughed at myself.

… was kind of amazing, now that I really think of it. And also the fact that I adore BJJ comes into play….man I forgot SO many grips, it’s been so long! I was laying on top of Brittany in side control, thinking, “Where the frack am I supposed to grip now?!” Luckily, she was the same as me, and used to no-gi, so she didn’t know where to grip either. LOL I rolled with Iwasaki-san, though, and got subbed three times, and he was being nice. hahaha

I would really like to know why my purple belt looks blue in every single picture! WTF! Taking pics is no fun if it demotes me every time! 🙁…