I’ve got the moves

I trained really really hard this morning at Ground Slam. I did a lot of rounds. I took somebody down with one of my favorite trips, and he was impressed, which made me happy. 😀 The other day, I took someone down using a move Katsumura-san showed me. I was so pleased. I also did a take down that BJ-san showed me. YAY applying the moves.

I’ve got the moves! XD

I’ve also got something else. -_- I skinned my elbow and it’s looking kind of….suspicious. *praying it doesn’t turn into anything*

Today I tried to take BJ-san down with the move that BJ-san showed me…that didn’t really work out. ^^;; But it’s not surprising? lol Right?

I had my lunch of chicken, rice and veggies, and then a Baskin Robins Chocolate banana cone to top it off. XD

I bought medicine for my poor sick fishies, and then talked to a friend online for like hours. 😀

I went to the gym and did some weight lifting, but I felt kind of bad and didn’t do TOO much. Ended up going home before I wanted to. :/ I’m glad I got SOME strength training in. I hadn’t really done it for a few weeks now. The last time I actually took notes was a month ago. Eep. That’s cuz my injuries are all healed. ALL HEALED! So happy.

I have an easy day tomorrow, yay! Maybe I’ll just go to bed and pray I sleep the night….…