Hellsing Ultimate anime, World Series of Fighting

On Thursday, I had an excellent sparring session, and worked through my pulled muscle. Pretty happy. Friday, it was killing me, so I did jiu-jitsu technique only, and then went to World Series of Fighting Weigh-ins to support my Japanese friends. My teammates Adam and AJ were fighting, too!

That took all afternoon, and I made it home in time to chill out and watch a marathon of Hellsing Ultimate.

hellsing manga image
That’s my new anime obsession, since I finished the Arrancar Saga of Bleach at 309. *_* Hellsing Ultimate is the OVA of the original 25 ep Hellsing series that I watched as a high school student in 2001. It seems darker. Alcuard, the anti-hero, seems more evil, and Anderson and everyone just seems more insane in general.

crazy anderson
I think if I had just started watching it for the first time, I wouldn’t be able to stomach the blood and guts, but I already like the series. I kind of look away if someone is getting sliced up. Which is all the time. x_x But it’s slowly getting to my subconscious. That’s what happened when I watched Attack on Titan. By the 20th episode, I was ready for the series to be over, but dying to know what happened, so I deprioritized all of my chores and marathon-ed the episodes. I seriously felt down and depressed for those last two days, though. -_-;;

Anyway, I’m on my 5th ep of Ultimate, and there are nine 45- minute episodes. I can do it!! 😀

And her boobs are too big. *sigh* oh fan service. -_-;;
I mean, look, she can’t even hold a gun properly in front of her without ‘the girls’ getting in the way!! 😀


so on Saturday, I trained pretty hard and then went to World Series of Fighting.

There’s the story of the sponsorship tickets. Emi Fujino got a last minute sponsorship, but the banner was already made, so the sponsor dropped off stickers at the hotel bell desk to stick on her banner. They were accepted at 10:30AM, tagged, and put on a shelf in the back. I arrived at 4 and tried to pick them up, but the bellhop couldn’t find them.

Um, what?

After 10 minutes of searching with me helping, he said the only thing I could do was file a security report and check cameras over the period of time to see if they fell off. I went to do that, but the security person sent me back to the bell desk. Dude, the fight was in like TWO HOURS! There’s no way! It was like 4:45 now. So I was listening to the security officer arguing with the bellhop (who was trying so hard to help) and my eyes fell on a trash can.

“Of course, someone probably just threw them away,” I thought, and started fishing through the trash. I pulled out food adds and magazines and coffee filters and icky stuff and THERE THEY WERE. I FOUND THEM. IN THE TRASH. Those were worth money, man! GO ME!!! XD

I bet they had fallen off the shelf (since they were paper) and someone thought “oh, paper trash” and tossed them. (but…there were…belldesk tickets…on them….)
emi fujino after fight group2
Emi Fujino fought a hard fight, but Jessica came out on top. Congratulations to both warriors.
AJ won by head kick, and Adam lost by knee. :/ Adam is such a beast, though. Power, speed, agility, skill. If he’s like Goku, then the other guy must be like Freeza.

Sunday, I was SO tired. More than usual. I went to the sports gym and did the elliptical machine, trying to get my heart rate up. Then I was going to go to Yoga. I decided to skip Yoga and just go home. I took a nap. Then watched Hellsing. Then took another nap and dreamed of vampires. lol Then woke up, rolled over, and took a THIRD NAP. Which is unheard of, since I only nap when I’m sick. And I mean, like fall into REM sleep, not just nod off (which I do all the time, aka Roxalepcy)

I took two SOCK OFF supplements and don’t feel too bad this morning. 🙂 I’m gonna train and then Buri-chan IS COMING! Brittany, one of my my best friends from Japan!!!! 😀 YAY SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!…