that feeling (I love my co-workers)

Roxy: Just enjoying the feeling, you know. *breaks into song* And when I get that feeling….!
co-worker 1: Are you going to finish that? ;D
co-worker 2: Yes, are you going to finish that? :D
Roxy: LOL um, no… XD
co-worker 2: You know, I’m glad you asked that first. 😛
co-worker 1: But you said it, too. 😛
co-worker 2: I know, but I just echoed you! 🙂
co-worker 1: I just thought for a second, there, that’d we’d hear a little…. song outta Roxy.
Roxy: Nope 😀

Hahahaha <3 I had a nice morning chatting with friends online. I still need a chatroom, though. :/ It's being worked on.... I hope soon. I also watched Tekken, the movie with Cung Lee and Robert Huerta (and others). I'm sorry, I thought it KICKED @$$! And I KNEW I recognized Heihachi's actor! He was the main evil guy in Mortal Kombat. He plays a good evil main bad guy in fighting movies. …