Training hard x 2! And Celine came!

On Monday, I went to morning training at Groundslam, and Celine came to train with me! She always trains at night, so in the morning she says she’s sleepy. So I really appreciate it that she gets up. 😀 It’s only once in a while, though, so I fully enjoyed sparring MMA with her. 😀

I love posing for silly pictures, so here they are! 😀 hahah

celine and roxy goofy1

celine and roxy goofy2

celine and roxy goofy3

I was pretty sore already from last week’s training….but had recovered enough to train hard! 😀 It felt good to spar hard. I sparred just with Celine and Tokoro-san MMA and a few other times grappling.

Then I had an English lesson, followed by going to Shibuya for Mihara-san’s osteopathic treatment. I was SO unbalanaced everywhere cuz I’d skipped three weeks! gah! Look, my left foot is obviously taller than my fight foot! XO But thanks to Magic Man Mihara (or should I call him Superman?) I’m fixed. 😀 FIXEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! yay <3 long foot mihara

Go ahead and say it! I have long, narrow feet. Aren’t they cute? Hah I can’t buy shoes in Japan because my feet are too big. Size 10, and Japanese sizes go up to 6. Not even close!

THEN I went straight back to the dojo and did night class. I got Tanuma-san to hold mitts for me, and he made me work so hard I almost peed. lol That’s what I needed…. I have NO clue about tryouts. I know we’ll be doing “grappling, hitting mitts and an interview.” Grappling with who? For how long? Hitting mitts held by who? For how long? Testing my technique or stamina or both?

I heard a rumor that some people have already been selected to be in the house. But that makes no sense because we have to fight to get into the house. Unless they’ve changed the format. OH well, I can’t stress about it. I can’t WAIT to go!! 😀

Long day of work today! 😀…