Meeting, Magic Man, training!

I had an interesting day yesterday!

It was my day off from work, but I went to a Kids Coordinator meeting in Shinjuku, because that’s the day it was scheduled on. (overtime bonus! :D) It was great, but made me really frustrated with certain things at my job.
After that I went home, helped a friend with an essay, and then went to Hiroki “Magic Man” Mihara, for osteopathic treatment. He’s learning English, and I was impressed with his improvement yesterday! How exciting for him. 😀
Seriously, I can’t say enough about Mihara-san. I limp in there, and he says, “Look, one leg is longer than the other by a centimeter.” I look and am like “WOW you’re right?” *press stretch massage* “Okay, it’s fixed.” WOW, YOU’RE RIGHT. Like, my pain just DISAPPEARS after he’s done. It’s remarkable.

Except my current thing, which has to do with a damaged ligament, so he can’t fix that. X_x; Anyway so then I left his clinic in Shibuya, ate something, and went to my gym, Groundslam. He’d gotten there AHEAD OF ME (which irritated me, but I ate and he must have rushed there after my treatment) lol Even though we went the same route, hahaha. From 8 to 9, Wicky taught striking technique!

Kikuyo (Ishikawa) said, “Onegaishimasu” which is “Let’s work together.” I was like, “Really?” :/ Our striking can’t even be compared. She’s the kickboxing INSTRUCTOR for Wednesdays. And I’m a really really slow learner when it comes to striking. Wicky said, “Okay do this combo” *bam bam bam* And she went, “Whack whack whack.” I, on the other hand, was like “Question! Where exactly do I stand? Where do I hold my hands exactly?” She was like, “It doesn’t matter,” but it DOES to me. I need to know exactly, or I can’t get the move. X_X;; It was fun training with her, though. Kind of. Besides the fact that I hate striking. LOL But I learned a lot and I think I added doable combos to my repertoire.

mihara san and I 1.28.13
This is the Magic Man himself! 😀 (I’ve been mentioning him for months now) He’s good at kickboxing and karate! He’s built like a gynmist because he used to be one. If anybody needs any osteopathic treatment, he practices “Jyu-jyutsu style,” which is “gentle style chiropractic-type.” No hard cranks to realign bones. Visit his clinic “Hope Cure 9” in Shibuya!
linkie to his website:

Then we did Tetsu’s BJJ class! I worked with this nice guy “Hiro.” Oh I love BJJ!!!! XD SO MUCH FUN. It ended so late, though…I got home around 11:30 PM and in bed by 12:15 AM. ;_; But I love BJJ! I just wanted to do more sparring but if I ended at 10:40, then I’d get home even later. *sigh*
This is Seiko Nita-san! Her gi is …very pink.seiko and pink gi

Hah I said to Tetsu-san, “pink desu ne.” He said, “Dare?” Which means “who?” I said, “What do you mean, WHO? She’s the only one with a BRIGHT pink gi here!” He said, “Oh, I thought you said ‘genki.’” Oops, my pronunciation was the English “pink”’s “k” only. I didn’t add the vowel sound “u” to the “ku” like Japanese people do. In order for Japanese people to understand me, I have to say “pinku.” Hah my pronunciation was too good. X_x; Remember that, ye learners of the Japanese language! You can only be understood if you murder your native pronunciation! 😀

I made this happy video the other day, for those of you who missed it!