Megumi’s blog: ranked number one in the world

I read Megumi Fujii’s blog this morning and was really touched by what she wrote, so I wanted to give it voice in English.

“Just now! I was told! MMA Weekly ranked 1/10/2012, #1 Women’s Pound-for-Pound MMA fighter in the World.

1. Megumi Fujii (2)
2. Sarah Kaufman (3)
3. Miesha Tate (4)
4. Marloes Coenen (5)
5. Zoila Gurgel (6)
6. Tara LaRosa (7)
7. Rosi Sexton (8)
8. Alexis Davis (9)
9. Ronda Rousey (10)
10. Hiroko Yamanaka (n/a)
Women’s Pound-4-Pound Top 10

“Pound for Pound.” Out of all weight classes, I’m ranked number one!
Within only a year I’ve made a come-back.
I’m really so so happy….
It’s actually scary that such wonderful things are continuing to happen to me.

Until I retire, I definately won’t lose to anyone.

And so

in order to not lose the title of number one in the world
I’ll live my life standing up tall and strong.

To recognize little me living on the island called “Japan”

Thank you so very much.

I’ll take these thoughts and change them into power, becoming ever stronger and stronger.

So then, once again, I’ll make everyone happy!