Saturday party, Sunday work and hangin with Alex!

After work on saturday, I had a welcome dinner for Karla and Gloria with them, Karen and Gloria’s husband! It was so nice. We went to TGI Fridays and I ate too much *laugh* but really enjoyed the good company.

Today I worked today (Sunday) and then went to the gym and did the eliptical machine and core stuff. I’m so bummed because my shoulder is really hurting me. 🙁 I won’t be better to train on Monday. *sigh*

After the gym, I hung out with Alex! I took her to “The Warehouse”- that giant arcade.

I forced her to play DDR with me! She got a D on the first song (Most people fail the first song, so good job!) but progressively improved to a B by the third!

Who is this suspicious character?!

I won a cat doll in the UFO catcher machine!

It took me three tries.

I got the King on the Funghi iPhone game I’m playing!