last entry before I fight….

SO…. I went back to Village Vanguard to take a closer look at the poop products, possibly to pick something up for a friend.

The boxes with the weird characters were actually 1) soap that “definately” eliminated bad smells, and 2) something you add to your bath water.

Hmmm okay.
I took a closer look at the book and realized that in the beginning of the story, some dog poops and nobody picks it up, so when it (the poop) walks (plops itself) through town, it causes a nuisance and everyone is like “Ew gross.”

Hmmm okay, so the message is “pick up your dog’s poop. I guess….
SO in the end….! *spoiler*
It is happily returned to the soil from whence it came!!

Okay, done with that topic.
Yesterday, I hung out with Sakura in the afternoon! I looooove my Sakura~Chan 😀

She gave me two birthday presents!

A tissue pouch and an eye-glasses stand called “Anjolina.” LOL nice.

We had tea in Shibuya. That evening I worked, but not so many lessons, so it was very relaxing. Thanks, boss. My boss rocks. He’s so supportive of me. And the staff, too. They keep saying that we’ll talk about stuff after I get back.

Yesterday, I reached kind of a new level at “Words with Friends.” I’ve been playing a LOT lately. One of my fan/friends from Facebook first invited me and after beating me by a difference of like 400 points, really made an effort to teach me the ins and outs and give me strategy advice. I lost against Perry Sensei by 47 points yesterday! The closest game ever! and at ONE time during the game, we were almost tied. I’m just really proud of myself. lol My defense was pretty good.

Now. I’m about to leave to go to Narita. I have a pretty tight schedule, and the weight-cut will be hard, but I’ll do my best! I’m so excited. I’m going to fight my fight and win the way I want to win. I’m going to meet a bunch of people, see old friends, and have a great time.

YEAH!! shuppatsu!! I’m off!