training resting and training vids

Sunday came and went. I missed the Halloween parade in town because of my job, but I saw a few cool costumes on my lunch break!

I’m pleased that the Japanese seem to be getting more and more into Halloween every year. Kids are having more and more regular events. It makes me happy…it feels like …home, dare I say “home” since Japan is my home now. It feels like the US.

Sesshomaru-sama is definately Japanese, though. lol

After work, I ran to Sugamo and did physical training with Take-san, the trainer of BJ and Mizugaki and Katsumura-san, among many others. He had me do some previous exercises, plus he taught me some new ones.

Monday morning I sparred, and then was pretty sore, so I took the rest of the day off. I finished the movie Detective Dee. It was great!

On Tuesday, I could barely move, I was so sore. I went to my kid’s outservice, and it went pretty well. I learned some things about managing large kids groups:
– running to touch the wall is okay.
-running to touch a single point, like a flash card stuck to the wall, is NOT good. They collide and get hurt.
-any game with more than two steps is too complicated.

Yeah. I taught almost all kids on Tuesday. I managed to take a nap on the sofa in the teacher’s room! In between lessons, I had tea with Kozo and won 300 yen on a lottery ticket! (like $4. The ticket had cost 4).

On Wednesday, I resisted going to the gym, because I was kind of sore. I ran stairs in my apartment building, took a walk, and then took a hour nap. I watched anime on my computer and also some videos I took of my sparring that Monday.
Screen cap of me sparring Bj- he’s fighting this Saturday! I can’t go 🙁

I took about 4 videos before my capacity got full. Nobody held the camera, so I had to put it down on something and aim the camera at the general area I was in. Sometimes, we went off screen, and a few times, somebody else waltzed into the scene. This is Omigawa laying it on Chuji. lol then they waltzed back out. Omigawa-san is fighting in England in the UFC soon! He’s looking good!

Queried two agents. It was great. Then, I went to Yokohama and walked around Bay Quarter. I’ve been spending a wee bit too much money lately, on random things like snacks which are more expensive than usual, or unusual foods I wanna try, or train fare. I don’t wanna use up all my fight money. We had a meeting about how to teach TOIEC yesterday at work, but I don’t wanna talk about that now. ~_~;;

Today I’m sparring in the morning, and then meeting Megumi for a Culture Day parade! I usually go to the events in Meiji Jingu, but this’ll be the first time for going to Asakusa! I hope to lift at night.…