my new souper spoon :D

Today I had a meeting in Tokyo. Very interesting. I had to skip training, but I still am not feeling so genki anyway. I went with my former co-worker/friend Grace. After that, Grace gave me a belated Christmas present. It’s soup and this spoon- a ‘Souper Hero’ Spoon.

It’s so cute, I mean JUST LOOK AT THIS SPOON!! ZOMG!!!! XD

Any spoon that can STAND ON IT’S OWN on the ground, is the freaking shiznit. XD

LOOK, IT HAS BUTT CHEEKS. XD XD LMAO!!! And yummy pumpkin soup!!!! 😀 omg I’m beside myself. I have to bring it into work and show EVERYBODY!! XD~

I think I’ll go train lightly tonight after all….…