intestines (yummy?), photo shoot, etc

Saturday I had a full day at work (7:45AM-5:30PM of back-to-back lessons)and went to the AACC afterward. Sunday was the same early start, but I finished at 4. I met my friend and former student Mariko and we went to our favorite restaurant, Kozo’s “Fukuzushi.” 😀 <3

We braved the frigid temperatures and enjoyed Motsu nabe (cow intestine stew), shiroko (cod fish sperm sacks), komochi ika (tiny squid stuffed with fish eggs), nagaimo to avacado to umeniku (sticky mountain potato with avacado and plum ….meat? flesh?), hanpen yaki (processed fish cakes grilled with onion).

Okay LOL That all sounds SO bad, if you’re not Japanese. I actually think Motsu and Shiroko are REALLY nasty. x_o; But for some really strange reason, anything that Kozo serves me tastes really good. He has some magic powers or something. XD I’ll spare you pictures….no I won’t. XD Here is shiroko! (I found this online)

Mariko, we practically ate only naizo (animal insides) on Sunday. lol @ Kozo’s comment “Maybe it’s good for the skin?” in response to my question of, “Is there any nutritional value to shiroko and motsu?”

Today I had a photo shoot! Caol Uno asked me to help him model his new Spring/summer clothing line. 😀 So Katsumura-san allowed us to use his Ground Slam gym. I’m gonna be in his catalogue! What an honor! They were like, “Look meaner!” DUDE I CAN NOT. @_@; Why does everybody say that? Looking mean is not my thing. Smirking playfully or smiling gleefully, I can do. But they’re like, ‘pretend you’re about to fight!’ and I said, “I smile before fighting, too.” x-X;

I was gonna go swimming after that, but I didn’t feel like taking a train an hour there, an hour back, and then rushing off to the AACC.

I am so excited because tomorrow I’m going to take the official Kids Coordinator training session, so I can be ‘officially’ certified for the jobs I’m already doing. GIVE ME A CERTIFICATE. And praise. Lots of praise. I like praise. 🙂 Outstanding! 😀 *thumbs up* kthnxbai

oh wait, I saw this poster in the station, trying to promote safety. I don’t think I need to translate anything. XD

OH YEAH, and on Saturday Abe-san asked me to sign his poster that other AACC female pros signed! I was so honored and happy! 😀