My week after Invicta 16 – partially failing at relaxing, random pics

I’ve had a good week! I’ve been enjoying food again. My days have been running together since I get a sense of the day of the week depending on what type of practice I have. I’ve been teaching my kids as usual, and doing various chores and stuff during the morning. I didn’t think I was injured and wanted to hurry up and train, but I knew I had to rest or I’d get sick. Then on Tuesday I tried to do jiu-jitsu and realized that I have some kind of bruised rib. It hurts to laugh and do a sit-up and stuff, so it was kind of torture. I found huge bruises on my left knee I hadn’t noticed before, and my neck hurt. x_x But not big deals. I’m lucky. In my last 4 fights, I limped for weeks. Anyway, I did technique – this cool rolling move to recover guard – rolled lightly with another beginner lady, and then stopped.

I kind of freaked out stepping on the scale, so I’ve been trying to tone down my eating. I’m enjoying the waffle cookies my friend Bonny sent me, and Jamie gave me some green tea KitKats. 😀

I really want to visit my dad, and my uncle and aunt, but I’m not sure what’s up with my uncle’s schedule. He’s really really sick and I want to visit him before……. but my mom says I shouldn’t visit him while he’s getting certain treatments because he’ll be in pain. But isn’t that WHY I should visit?? show support? My mom is so smart and taught me so well, but it surprises me how silly she can be sometimes. Like when she opened the door to some strange man at 7:30 PM in the dark who claimed to be selling candy…. ahem don’t get me started on that. 🙁 *sigh* I definitely take after the Modafferi’s when it comes to taking the initiative and getting things done.

I’ve been watching a lot of shows – World Trigger, up to ep 30! The Neighbor invasion is so exciting! Also Lucifer, up to ep 7. I found two eps of Prison Break that got released after I finished the season 4, so I watched those today. I’ve watched Legends of Tomorrow, up to 7. I can’t wait for Arrow and Flash to resume.

I saw Zootopia in the theaters on Wednesday after Yoga. Good job, Disney! Loved it. Watching Epic now, on my computer. Watching D. Gray Man, ep 13, but it’s kinda…the plot is not moving a long. But it’s a super long one, so I guess I’ll stick it out a little longer. I read the next Norigami manga chapter out. hmmm

Serena has a fight coming up and I decided that my rib was hurting less than before, so I’d train super hard with her. I put my headgear on and went full-blown sparring. I’m glad because I pushed her hard, but I pulled like two muscles. But it’s what I signed up for! She did awesome and is looking sharp.
girls at syndicate
I love my teammmmmmmm!
syndicate sparring march group2

Today my mom agreed to go out to dinner with me!
hibachi mom and roxanne
That’s so unusual! Victory dinner! My first Hibachi experience!

hibachi 2
I didn’t know this, but it’s kind of an Americanized Japanese style of cooking. It’s not really done like this in Japan. That’s why I’d never heard of it! BUt I loved it! I wanna go back soon!

And the chef has a Naruto Konoha gakuren headband!!! YAY anime fan! and he recognized me from TUF so we had fun conversations as he cooked our food.
hibachi chef hitai ate
I got a bamboo plant! I’ve been wanting one for years! 😀
roxy and bamboo

Here are a few random pics from my fight week.
Advice from Coach John during our last mitt session. (photo cred: Candy)
coach john giving the pre fight speach

Coach John wrapping my hands. (photo Cred: Tom)
john wrapping hands 1
john wrapping hands 2
caramel waffles
Yummy! thanks, Bonny! <3 the UFC Fight pass camera crew said "Be serious!" and I managed it for 1.5 seconds before the grin popped up. I'm surprised they got a serious pic! serious face after fight

Me sitting in the crowd with my friends, watching the fights.
ice and coach john
My head didn’t really hurt, but when you’re in a fight, you get hit, so it can’t hurt to ice it. I got flashed once or twice.

Chris texted me at like 1 PM saying he couldn’t cover my kid’s class after all. I was like, “YOU Find someone. I’m kind of passing out from cutting weight right now. LOL” roxy cutting weight