stressed out (rant)

save you from roxy fightlikeagirl
Thanks, fightlikeagirl designs, for the pic. It just about describes me today.

So….firstly, my housing plans keep changing, and it’s freaking me out. I finally decided that I don’t wanna commit to a lease without having visited the place first, so I’m looking into monthly Suites rentals. But the location I want doesn’t have rooms available! ;_; I’m going to call back next week…I need to set that NOW. I already bought my airplane ticket for September 1st!

I went to my phone service company today and it’s going to cost $100 to cancel my plan, plus $70 if I want to use it from August 19th to the 30th. If I turn it off before the 19th, I don’t have to pay….but that’s a long time to not have a phone. 🙁

I woke up and various parts of my body are really hurting more and more. I’ve been to a bunch of good chiropractors/osteopaths, but the only one who can seem to help my back is Mihara-san, and I’m leaving! ;_; It’s freaking me out. ~_~; And I overdid it in training yesterday, so other stuff hurt. grar I just want to train hard.

During the day today, I got the quote from the moving company who had visited: $3,300! omggggg So expensive. I have a bit of savings now, but it’s all gonna be GONZO after I move back and buy a car and stop making income! ~_~; I need sponsorzzzzzz.

Then my company told me that they can’t send my saved up pension overseas, so I have to figure out how to get the money from my Japanese bank account to me in the USA…after I leave the country. Thanks a lot. Same as my last month of salary.

I was going to meet Brittany today, and had waited around for two hours, but I was freaking out after all of the above, and NEEDED to go home and get rid of more stuff…but it turns out she had canceled other plans to hang out with me. So bummed out. -_-;

I ate dessert. But I have lost a few pounds over the past two weeks, so it’s okay.

I keep thinking tomorrow is Monday, but I still have one more day of work before my day off. The staff were trying to tell me about my work the next day when I was trying to run out the door to teach at Mizo. I’m sorry, I felt rude, but we only have 40 minutes to get there! I don’t have time to talk! Maybe if my company…oh never mind.

I am going to give away half of my stuffed Carebear collection, and that makes me sad, but it must be done.;_; It costs so much to ship back…. and half my mugs. I love them all, but am keeping the ones I’m most attached to. (like 10ish) I’ve given away half of my pens to my kid students (they are so excited) like my fluffy bird pens and bulky ones. I’m just keeping ones that were gifts from people, or that I especially can’t part with. Thanks to one of my co-workers for agreeing to take my printer and chair. good for me, and free stuff for him. arigato.

Over the past few days, I watched the Trigun movie. I gotta watch thing else to relax before bed… I woke up at 3:30 AM and got sleepy at work. 🙁

I’m almost done TUF 14, but watching fights isn’t relaxing. I’m on the last few episodes. I’m trying to catch up.…