week after my fight (Tourney of Kings, bro, seminar, movies, Kalecia)

A little over a week has gone by after my fight and it feels like forever because I’m not on my usual training schedule. I have minor injuries from the fight, so I had to take a little more time off. Hopefully this week I can get back. 🙂 I’ve been weight-lifting, and the only time I can weight-lift properly is if I can’t do MMA class. So might as well make use of that time.

btw Here is my post-fight interview. I wanted to make a statement but it wasn’t my place to join the press conference since I didn’t win. But Invicta graciously provided me a camera man and took my statements.

It’s really hard to not dwell on it, since I don’t have another job I can distract myself with. Emotional pain of a loss never really heals…you just have to bear it and cover it with hope and hard work and the next win. And try to be positive.

And I positively did try to eat a lot and hang out with as many people as I could! I’m also watching a crap-ton of anime. I rewatched Attack on Titan, Kenichii, and a few real people movies like The Avengers. (yes I saw the new movie! It was fantastic!)

I hung out with my teammate Kalecia at SkinnyFats one day, and went out for sushi with her another.
kalecia and sushi

My friends sent me flowers!! <3 So sweet. flowers from rob and friends

My friend from fightlinker.com Ryan came to Vegas to visit, and we got to hang out! I’ve known him for like…over ten years, but we’ve only met once before since he lives in Canada. 😀
ryan and roxy and armor
We went to the show called “Tournament of Kings,” where we eat a hen and potatoes with our bare hands and watch knights jousting. I thought the guy who played “King of France” was kind of hot… *_*
knights from tournament
Before that, we played games and he bought me ice cream. *_* So sweet. The man and the ice cream. He introduced me to the Dairy Queen “Peanut Buster parfait” or something and omggggg so yummy.
tok ryan packman airhockey

The Tournament of Kings was Friday. On Saturday, I went over Coach John’s house with teammates and we watched the boxing Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Fun!
Sunday I saw the Avengers.

Today, my step-brother (blue shirt) and his friends came to town for a bit of vacation and we met up! I was really really looking forward to it, and it was awesome! I showed them Syndicate and we went to SkinnyFats 😀 So good to see Chris again!! <3 It was kind of bizarre not being in Boston when together. Haha It's my neck of the woods now! chris and friends in vegas

I’m planning a trip to Washington State, Tacoma and Portland. I am going to do a seminar at Victory Athletics on May 30th, and then I’ll be at the Glamour event in Portland that night! http://glamourmma.com/
More info on their facebook page!
victory mma seminar