Kappa Bashi street

Yesterday I felt better health-wise. (see previous entry) I should have just lay down all day, but I was feeling stiff and wanted to go for a walk. I decided to see if I could find Kappa Bashi, which is supposed to sell extremely realistic fake food.

What I didn’t realize (and found out after I googled it to find out how to get there) was that it’s called “Kitchen Wares town” and is this whole long concorse near Ueno station. I went there after breakfast. It was interesting.

I’ve started writing for this new website that has articles and news and interesting stuff about Japan. I did a write up on my experience and I’ll post a link once it goes up! You can see my “one Piece Exhibit” write up on the front page. 🙂
Here’s the homepage: http://tokyo.openconnect.me/

I think I’ll be able to train next week. 😀
Today after work I’m going to meet my former co-worker friends and student friends! 😀 Friends are nice. ^_^v…