Fun fun BBQ after training!! (pics)

I had a super fantastic day. 😀

I went to Ground Slam (pronounced “Grand Slam FYI) in the morning and watched in envy as all the pros sparred. I chatted with Steve and Katsumura-san.

You know, it’s SO nice having a coach I can trust, who knows what’s best for me. I think, “I want to do this but maybe shouldn’t.” or “My heart says this but my brain says this.” My coach just says, “Roxanne, do this.” I can be like, “Okay!” <3 So pro practice ran overtime but Buri-chan (Brittany) showed up, and I forced her to let me try this new submission on her. XD I was sooooo tired and falling asleep before practice... but trying that juicy choke got me all excited. Buri-chan got it, too. XD Brittany: Like this? Roxy: O_X; *gurglegurgle* *taptap* By the way, Buri-chan joined Ground Slam! My new teammate! 😀 WELCOME!

Then I said, “Let’s do striking.” I ACTUALLY really wanted to do striking. That’s it, I must have gone insane…. o_O; Lack of sleep. Then we did striking distancing drills and it was excellent for both of us. Sorry, I totally monopolized the class with what I wanted to do, but it was going off what Steve showed me last week, and Steve gave us excellent instruction all throughout that. THANKS, Steve! You’re a great teacher. 😀 Katsumura-san also gave us advice.

After training, Katsumura-san drove me, Buri-chan, and Omigawa-san to his house where we had a Barbecue!

It was SO MUCH FUN. We met Katsumura-san’s wife and kids, who are so cute. Everyone was saying, “It’s so hot! So hot!” and the men stripped off their shirts. Omigawa was sweating buckets. I was fine, though. 😮 I noticed that, it seems like Japanese are really intolerant to the heat… or maybe it’s just me.

After a while of hearing, “atsui ne! atsui ne,” I looked over at Brittany and said, “Hey, are you hot?” She shrugged and goes, “Not really.”

THANK YOU. I am not strange. It was only like 80 something degrees. ^^;;

I ATE A HOT DOG. It’s been how many years? I don’t even know. I stopped eating them ages ago, but it’s the 4th of July (well, in California still, maybe…July 5th in Japan) so I HAD to eat the iconic hot dog.

The first in a long time, and, uh….. the last. I think.

Yes. XD

Then I randomly decided to loudly sing the Star Spangled Banner, which prompted a salute from Buri-chan, and we also had a discussion about the Japanese national anthem. I had to explain the meaning of ours, which was interesting for the Japanese.

Around 4PM, Katsumura-san drove us to a train station and Buri-chan and I walked around the shopping malls.

GIRLS AFTERNOON SHOPPING SPREE! I bought her a towel and she surprised me by buying me KILLER MUSHROOM SOCKS omfg u_U; I love you, Buri-chan! So happy. My new buddy! Buddy buddy buddyyyyy.

We finally went our separate ways.

I am so happy. XD
I just wish my back would stop hurting. If it stops tomorrow, I can go to training in the evening. XD…