Super Busy – towel collection, training, cleaning ,friends, pics

I’ve been super super busy. Every day, I’ve been looking through my stuff, trying to throw stuff out or get rid of stuff, or reduce the volume of my belongings. For example, I had TWO HUGE boxes of CDs, so I took all the cds and booklets out, put the cds on a spool (used to be blank DVD contailer) and threw away the empty containers. Also clothes that I’ll really never wear again.

I have so many towels but I can’t get rid of any because I’m a towel collector! Here, look! (click on all images to enlarge)
towels- gym theme
Fighter or gym themed (plus Docomo Mushroom)

My bigger bath towels. (not pictured: purple Tinkerbell towel)

Carebear Towels

DBZ, Naruto, and Evangelion anime towels

Happy Cutsey towels

Yeah. Could YOU throw one of those away? XD I don’t THINK so.
So I damaged a muscle on my pec/neck/shoulder/Idon’tfskingknow and haven’t trained, other than running stairs, for the past two weeks. SO ANNOYING, especially since I want to enjoy my last month training here in Japan. But on Friday, I did class lightly! 😀 My Japanese Uncle G-san was there, and we trained together and joked around.

So was Brittany :D.

Saturday was work work work, and then we had a going away party for my boss because he’s transferring. I miss him already. :/ Good luck in your new school! 😀

Then on Sunday after work, my plans got switched around at the last minute because one of my friends was sick, so I rushed to Gold’s Gym, and then got to see Steve after his fight! I wish I had been able to make the actual fights. Otsukaresama! Then I had a quick bite to eat with the Groundslam crew, and worked out at the gym.

Monday, I trained lightly in the morning at pro renshu, went home, did a ton of chores, and met my friend Shu in Shinjuku. It was great seeing you again, Shu! He’s my friend from my college study abroad year WAAAAAY back when! 😀
Shu Inagaki and Roxy

Finally, I had fun training at Groundslam in the evening! I hit mitts with Dale! and did technique with Brittany. Fun fun! Noripi is doing a beginner’s class now! yay!…