The day after my fight. “The Team will save you”

I enjoyed having dinner with my friends and team Saturday night. I had a hard time sleeping because of physical pains. But they’re only flesh wounds and will heal in time.

The team will save you.

Scientists did a study on rats. They had two rats fight. Then they isolated the losing rat. Despite not being fatally injured, it exhibited signs of depression, like not eating, lethargy. It eventually got sick. They repeated the experiment, except they let the losing rat go back with other rats. It healed up and it’s behavior went back to normal.

I had read this study in reference to sports psychology. I think it was in Sam Sheridan’s book, “The Fighter’s Heart.” The last sentence of the page was, “The team will save you.”

I’m so happy I chose Syndicate, and I have such a great group of friends and coaches to support me.

roxy and heather and friends2
I watched my recorded fight yesterday! (Sunday) I kept stopping breathing during the fight because I was so tense, and gripping my teddy bear. lol (yes, I have a teddy bear, shut up! He’s my TV companion.)

Anyway, I think I did pretty well! I’m really pleased with myself. 🙂
Which is amazing, since I’m super critical of myself. But I see so much I wish I could have done better. grrrr! I know I had the potential to win that fight! :{ Man! @#($*#@$#! It’s funny I actually remember the fight. I almost never remember what happens during my fights at all. Man, I’ve really come a long way with my fighting skill. Too bad I didn’t reach this point when I was younger….but no point in looking back now. Just deal with the present. The future will be built on what we do in the present.

Sunday I did a lot: Played the board game “Life” with my mom.
the game of life
She won.

Had lunch with my friend from California, Tony, who came to see my fight.
at sushi rest. tony
eating sushi with tony

I LOVE SUSHI!! And man, they have some weird rolls in the US that they’d NEVER have in Japan. They had like…salsa on tuna/avacado? But worked.

This one is called “Sexy lady” or something? LOL!!
sexylady sushi
The taste was…

Then Tony took me to this famous beer hall place just to look around. Then he went back into the main room, while I lingered in another. He’s gone for like 15 seconds and then when I go back, suddenly everyone in the dining room are on their chairs holding beers (including tony) singing in german?!
roxy tony in the beer garden

tony beer hall
It was kind of hilarious.

Hung out with friend from California, Rudy, who also came to see my fight!
roxy and rudy
Man, I broke TWO of my fight rituals. I always have pancakes for breakfast fight morning, and a milkshake afterwards. I did neither. ;_; So Rudy bought me a milkshake!

happy milkshake

Tried and failed to buy an iPhone. ;_; My fav sales guy wasn’t in, and the guy there looked like he didn’t know what he was doing.

Met Heather and friends for dinner.
with heather at skinnyfat

Got home in time to say goodnight to mom, who goes to bed at 8 PM.

Why does fight soreness hit on the eve of the second day? x_x;;
I miss my job. :/ I miss my co-workers. I miss my home and I miss Japan. But if I had to be anywhere else, it’d be here, in Vegas, in this home, with Syndicate. damn, I was dreaming of winning a fight of the night bonus so I could visit Japan on vacation. *sigh*

well, today was a good day. And tomorrow will be good, too. …