AACC, Alex, Ground Slam

Yesterday, I went to the AACC morning class! I was looking forward to training with Toda-san. 🙂 After a striking session, I sparred grappling with Toda-san for like 6 rounds in a row. XD SO MUCH FUN! XD Alex Chambers came in during practice and watched. She just flew in from Australia!

I took her back to my place – she’ll be visiting and staying for a few weeks!- and we chatted and I did chores and stuff. Later, I went to Ground Slam’s Thursday class for the first time. It was supposed to be Beginner MMA6:30-7:30, then kickboxing from 7:30-9:30, then grappling. I did the beginner’s MMA, but my left shoulder was flaring up, so I quit 40 minutes into the class. :/ Then I decided to sit through kickboxing and wait to see what would happen afterwards.

Man, I tell ya, two hours passes SO SLOWLY when you’re sitting and just watching.
Actually, this guy “Gin” has a fight coming up, so 4 guys were helping him do MMA off to the side. I joined, hesitantly, because I didn’t want to get in the way of his training if he didn’t really wanna fight with a girl, you know? I mean, if it’s for my training, too bad, but this was for him.

He hit me REALLY HARD.
I like that guy :D. I hope he wins!
And then they talked about technique for an hour after that, so I eavesdropped and learned a few things.
After kickboxing, nobody really did anything. Some guys kicked the bag, some people hit mits. I found out that it was more like a ‘free’ period, and this time not many people happened to come, so nobody did grappling. :X That’s okay, I wasn’t gonna do it anyway, but I’m glad I stuck around to find out.

Ishikawa is the only other girl at the gym, but she was out with a cold. I haven’t ever met her yet! lol

It was a good day. I have a lot to think about. I dreamed about Ground Slam last night. This is the second time I had a Ground Slam-related dream in the past week. 😡

(and I got my hissatsu waza this morning XD)…