quick update: wicked busy, interview transl., teaching, kids, sushi

Quiiiick update

First, my scleritis is better. (zombie eye). Yay! 😀 No going blind!! XD

Monday: busy as HELL
Morning: watched training and taught Harley and Brittany a grappling move. Then they joined Mitsui-san’s ViPR class and I watched and was jealous.

viPR training1

Then, then English lesson, followed by osteopathic treatment and therapy, followed by another English lesson.
Then, I rushed to Yokosuka to help Brittany interview Mizugaki preceeding his fight in UFC JAPAN on March 3rd. Whoooo!

mizugaki brittany roxy

Tuesday: Kids day-care early in the morning.
Then, hoped to go home and prepare stuff to get my book published, but instead, I worked for 3 hours of unpaid office time to prepare kid’s lessons for this family moving overseas next month. ;_; Kids. sheesh!

Then taught English, and then on my way home, I was just thinking about those kids lessons, when this Filipina woman (sorry I can’t spell that word properly) stopped me in the station and asked me to donate to this ‘save the children’s’ cause. I was thinking dude, I just donated 3 hours of my life, to these kids. I’m doing a lot. Plus, who knows where that money is REALLY going.
But she gave me these puppy eyes, so I wipped out my wallet and handed her ten bucks and was like, “JUST TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT!!” ;_;


Wednesaday, woke up exhausted, rushed to the gym, lifted weights a little but my shoulder hurt, so did other stuff, and then had an English lesson. Then, went to meet my host mother for a sushi lunch, but she got lost driving to my place, so I ended up trying unsuccessfully to doze on the sofa of the restaurant for AN ENTIRE HOUR waiting. ;_; I was really annoyed, because I was realllllly busy with stuff I don’t have time to do. But I don’t meet her much, so oh well. It was nice to chat with her. Hah, she ate ten plates of sushi and I only ate 5. But I get stomachaches easily, and I got a small one after that. -_- It didn’t last too long.

Today, I wanna work out, but my shoulders hurt. God my shoulders suck. < I wish they didn't suck so much. I wrestled with myself for about 10 minutes about whether or not to pack my knee pads, in case I wanna kneel to show some technique, but then if I bring them, I'll wanna train. That is NOT allowed for ONE MORE WEEK!!! Then I might try lightly. I'm meeting Brittany today after her work. Yay …