my new old good bad take-down

I used to do this take-down well, so that was good! Then over time, it stopped being effective, and that was bad. So I learned a new one that was good, but I couldn’t do it so well, so that was bad. Roxy was very sad. Then the other day, Katsumura-san taught me a new take-down that was actually my old take-down that was bad, but now it’s good. So I tried the new old take-down that’s bad, but because it’s bad it’s good, so now Roxy is not sad anymore. 😀 😀 😀

Do you understand?

Roxy took down a few different people about three or four times with the new old bad good take-down!! ^_^


I trained with Brittany today. I really love having her as a partner. I can adjust the daily technique to suit me, and I don’t feel bad about forcing her to do it with me because she’s eager to learn anything. XD THANKS! I always have twice as much fun in class when I work with you, my friend! 😀

I’m decked out in all One Piece clothing today! 😀

Good things are coming.…