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On Saturday, I worked from 8 AM to 5:30, and then I lifted weights at the gym.
I was then on my way to meet Celine in Kawasaki when I got this text from Brittany. “Where are you?”
I texted back, “Kawasaki.” No other text came.

I was approaching Starbucks, contemplating this, when I was GLOMPED FROM BEHIND by Celine and Brittany! Startled, I let out a shriek and an “ohmygod!” They laughed at me!! 😀 Nice one, guys.

What’s a glomp? It’s a tackle-hug. Here are instructions, click to enlarge:
glomp instructions

They surprised me! We gave up on Starbucks and went to the food court instead, where we spent like 3 hours chatting! It was so nice! I felt so loved! Such a nice time! ^_^ Thank you for that! I can’t even express how warm and fuzzy I felt after that evening. I was smiling all the way home. I’m so blessed to have such lovely people as friends. ^_^

brittany celine roxy lazona 2.9.13

celine brittany roxy lazona 2

On Sunday, I worked again from 8 to about 5, and then met some Japanese friends for tea. They helped me study Japanese. Actually, they are an older generation than me, so they speak with more difficult words. I had a hard time understanding them sometimes, but they said that normal people speak that way. I think the difference is like this:

young guy: I didn’t think it’d be so cold! I didn’t bring a hat.
older businessman: It was colder than I anticipated. I neglected to bring adequate clothing.

I dunno. lol Something like that. I was focusing and concentrating SO hard to remember everything they taught me in Japanese that after I went home, I just wanted to go to bed. Hah I read about 10 pages of A Memory of Light and then fell asleep, so I pushed it aside and went to bed.…