dreams amidst the confusion

My fight banner sold for $225 dollars! Thank you so much for bidding! I’m going to be auctioning a walk-out T shirt in another week or so.

So this weekend I didn’t have to work, and on Monday, I looked forward to Groundslam for pro sparring. I sparred with my coach, and he said I felt stronger and better! I’m so excited about that. Then twice with Omigawa-san and got annihilated. hah I just haven’t been focusing on cardio lately, so I totally gassed out after the second round, haha.

Brittany was there!? Yay my buddy. Morning hugs! ;_; But then I sparred with Noripi and in doing a single leg, tried to pulled him down, but he twisted and fell onto me. I heard my shoulder/neck/chest go “crunch.”

……OWWWWWWWWWWWW _< damnit! So I had to stop. -_- I went to our resident osteopathic therapist Taneichi-san and he said he thinks nothing is torn, but damaged, so it's tight, so he did some electric treatment and it felt a little better. I hope it's only that, but today when I woke up, it was less excruciating than yesterday and the day before, so I have hope it'll heal relatively soon. Man! I'm soooooo motivated to train nowadays. I've been sprinting up the stairs everywhere- train station, apartment, etc, to improve my cardio. That's until I can actually figure out how to make a good cardio program. My head feels like it's in a whirlpool, spinning round and round. Like, what is real? What am I doing? I feel like I've been turned upsidedown and all around. It's kind of hard to focus on work. I went in and found the flash cards and kids material in total disarray, missing, misplaced, etc. Come on! lol In the past I'd stay and do unpaid overtime to rearrange everything, but yesterday I was like, screw that. I just left it. Which I've never done before, out of professional pride. They'll never pay me for that time anyway. On the other hand, how much would you pay for a good working environment? I'll probably do it to show how grateful I am. Because I'm finally going to go part-time with my job! To have more time to train. That's my short-term goal. (long term being train full time) So that means I'll only work all day on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday morning. That starts July 18th. I've been missing my friends in the States sooooo much. 🙁 Random: I've been drinking soy milk lately. I've started watching TUF 14. I'm annoyed because I can't train now. ~_~; I'm 143 lbs. D: and it's not all muscle, haha. omg love handles. >_< Here are some pictures of me in random Engrish shirts (none of which I bought): feeling absorbed by a bathroom
the pain is gone
boy geek