okay day and great training

In the morning, I skipped training to go to this meeting. It turned out to be GOOD, but really short. It was good…but I kind of wish I’d gone to training instead. -_- So I was kind of irritated all afternoon. I kind of ate too much.

Studied with a friend online for a while, then did some chores, and went to training. I also won a ‘cat mushroom’ from the crane machine in the arcade. XD

I’m kind of good of those things, if I do say so myself. Just last week, I got a “guard point Chopper” and a “whale shark” and when Alex was here, a cute, soft kitty bean. I say “bean” because it has no arms and legs- just a body and head. o.O;

It was a good day. I enjoyed training. I haven’t hit mitts and done kickboxing for a little while, so I kind of threw out my back. -_- I’ve had a bad lower back for years, and running or fast twisting motions hurt it. It was hurting so much I was walking like a granny and had to stop striking sparring.

~_~ ARG. I was able to do some grappling at the end! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY GRAPPPLINGGGGGGGGGG XD

SO HAPPY 😀 But I woke up this morning and my back is killing me. …