Ocean Day Weekend part 1

I worked all day on Saturday. On Saturday evening, we had a staff welcome-farewell party! We went to the new Hawaiian Beer garden on the roof of Atre in Kawasaki. It’s an open-air restaurant where we can grill meet and veggies. The only thing “Hawaiian” about it was that they gave us pineapple and wore Hawaiian shirts. lol nice try (not). But I enjoyed hanging out with my co-workers.

Sunday I was so exhausted all day, so I went straight home after work, read, and slept. I slept SEVEN HOURS!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHH!

Monday was a national holiday called “Ocean Day.” I went to pro sparring. Strangely enough, everybody was complaining about feeling lousy. I wasn’t injured, but felt really heavy on my feet. (I gotta lose a few pounds <) I couldn't get my distance down. I got kneed in the guts by BJ, because I did something stupid I should have known better. I DID CHOKE SOMEBODY, in the pro class, wow, but I think he wasn't using 100% of his strength, and ONE of my gomu gomu punches hit cleanly. That made me happy. So those were my two accomplishments. x_x Then I met Meiko and Midori for pizza at Shakey's! I had fun talking to them! They came kind of far to see me. I invited them to go see a street performance with me after that, but they didn't want to...I probably should have just skipped that and spent more time with them, since they took the trouble to come to Yokohama. I feel kind of guilty....
Kind of a dark pic, but I love my friends!

So after that, I went to Yoyogi to see Yukinko Akira, a famous “Rhythm painter!” He dances while he paints! It’s quite amazing!

He slashes paint and chalk across the paper but gradually, the impressionalistic art takes shape and starts to look like something! All while dancing to techno.

He said, “People tend to follow the same path. I’m totally against this! Go your own way!” and his theme is “My way.” Just a skinny Japanese fellow who really needs to eat more. lol I donnated 1,000 yen ^^;
I first saw him years ago in Atsugi, and always check his schedule to go see another performance, but I’m always working. I watched two performances, and for his last one, he also did paper-carving to make a stencil, and THEN painted over it! SO AMAZING!!

I actually wanted to go to ZST, because a bunch of teammates were fighting, and everyone went to cheer them on, but I wanted to get to bed early because it seems like Sunday and Monday are the only nights I’m able to possibly sleep in…

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