My week: weights, Tom interview, Arrow/Once, DBZ super, Minions, Stitch

Two weeks ago some nagging injuries had me down (literally). I feel much better now, but that was rough. -_-

Smile and carry on!

I binge-watched Arrow (finished season 2) and Once Upon a Time TV (middle of season 2) TV shows. I’ve been watching Dragon Ball Z super, the NEW DBZ! So EXCITED I can watch it at the same time as the Japanese fans! 😀 I love being in the loop.
dbz super family vaca
I’m not going to post a link because it’s kind of copyrighted and I don’t wanna get the websites in trouble. ^_^;
I wrote my Japanese blog a lot to practice my language skills. I lifted a lot of weights. My nagging shoulder pain is gone and I surpassed my max repetitions on my max weight for various lifts! 😀 YAY!

Again, coach John was right. He promised me I could have gains and get rid of my shoulder pain, despite me never ever having success lifting before. I’m glad I blindly trust him. And I LOVE LUKE ROONEY, my new physical trainer. XD
luke and roxy

He shaved his head and facial hair for work…. I literally did not recognize him without my glasses until I got closer.
shocked anime girl

Last Friday I saw the movie “Minions” with my mom. That is REALLY significant because I can never get my mom to do ANYTHING with me, and I’m really frustrated. She never wants to go out to eat or go out in the evening because she has specific TV shows refuses to miss. No, we don’t have DVR because she doesn’t want to pay and I don’t watch the TV. She won’t go out during the day because she has a routine of shopping at every store in Las Vegas because each store has specific sales and she spends hours researching them. *sigh* The last time we saw a movie was two years ago, and we used to go all the time. So this is significant.

She laughed SO much, as did I! It was fantastic! Now we have a slew of new inside jokes, like

I do watch Star Trek with my mom almost every day. That’s one thing we do together. So weird that most of the cast is probably my age now that they were back then. And my mom thinks that Riker is cute, and I’m like, omg he’s in my age range now. *_* I mean then. LOL anyway. THEN we saw an add for a Star Trek convention that I AM TOTALLY GOING TO GO TO!!!! 😀 😀 Last year I was fighting and couldn’t go. I wanna get my mom to go with me!! But she said “no!” OF COURSE she would say no. I’m hoping that if I rant about it for the next three weeks she’ll start wanting to go, too! ;_; August 8th. that’s what happened with Minions. I introduced the idea two weeks in advance and kept acting excited about it until she broke down. XD

This week I’m feeling better physically! I’m training and it’s awesome!! XD Teammate and Syndicate’s assistant coach “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is in Chicago and will fight this Saturday! Man, I’m getting nervous. *_* I wrote a kick -butt interview with him! check it out!

So…. there’s this Reebok deal. I liked what Tom said in his interview. He gave his honest opinion without dissing it and being offensive. I hope nobody in Reebok or the UFC get upset because he’s giving pros and cons logically. As for me….
i will not give my opinion of the reebok deal
I’m afraid to say anything!

And then poor Stitch, famous cutman, got fired by the UFC!
feels so many feels
So……. you don’t publicly bash your boss on social media and expect no repercussions. It’ll either be very good (fans apply pressure and you get what you want) or very bad (you get fired). But he didn’t really diss Reebok or the UFC. He just spoke how it wasn’t fair he lost his sponsors … check it out here:
I actually started retweeting his stuff and sympathizing but now I’m afraid to say anything. 🙁
I hope Stitch works my Invicta fight!
roxy and stitch
He’s always nice to me, gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and speaks Japanese to me.

And I might have an announcement! 😀

goku yes happy