Changing up my training! Let’s do this! busy week!

For some reason, when I plug my iphone 5 into my computer, the computer won’t show it as being plugged in and I can’t transfer my photos. This has been happening ever since the latest phone update (which I never want to do anywany but it forces me.) Does anyone know why? Can someone help me?

This week has been a really hard week training, but hard in a good way.

This is my first week back to MMA because my nose isn’t swollen anymore. This week, I’ve been consistently doing double classes – first BJJ 10:00 AM to 11:30, then and then MMA 11:30-1:15-ish. So actually, I really only have the physical strength and energy to do one hard class well, especially with all the various nagging injuries I have, so in the past, so I deprioritized jiu-jitsu and only did MMA. After all, I won’t be fighting in the gi, right?

I realize now that jiu-jitsu gave me a kind of physical strength due to all the pulling, pushing, holding tense positions, etc. I had decided to focus on BJJ after I was done my MMA career, but after my last fight, I changed my mind and decided to work on it NOW. NOW NOW NOW. That tournament I fought in last weekend and lost both matches upset me so much. So much. SO MUCH. To be fair, it was my first gi competition in 11 years and it feels So different than MMA. I’m glad that I’m friends with the person who beat me. But I’d still love a rematch.

I’m so frustrated about everything – losing my MMA fight, not feeling like I have enough physical strength, losing a BJJ competition even though I’m supposed to be the “BJJ girl.” Actually, I wasn’t as torn up about the MMA fight as I was the BJJ competition!

One of my friends said, “I’m sad to see you so upset” and another one said, “This might seem f*cked up but I’m glad to see you are upset because it shows how seriously you take it.”

Well, yes, indeed. I know I’m not going downhill- I’m improving all the time. I keep having successes in training. But I just happened to lose lately. I’ve decided to change up my training a bit, and I’m at the perfect place to do it: Syndicate MMA. I have everything I need here. Not only Coach John, who can teach me striking, wrestling, grappling, MMA, etc, but Capitao who is probably my second most favorite coach in the world when it comes to explaining things in a way I can understand. And Casey. I also have teammates who are very knowledgeable about strength and conditioning.

I’ve been doing weight lifting every other day for the past three weeks. I’ve also started taking little 30 minute jiujitsu private lessons with Casey for jiu-jitsu. I really understand well when he explains things. I need slow paced, step-by-step, every excruciating detail. I’m a tough student. My teachers probably just wanna choke me sometimes….

I’ve decided that I’m going to do extra strength training, and BJJ training, plus MMA training, and if my body breaks down at the end of MMA class, I’ll just have to stop, which is mentally tortuous because everyone else is still going and I feel like a wuss. Like the other day, my back was hurting so much I couldn’t walk and John told me to spar with Jessica and I said “no” and felt like a pile of @#*$&#*($. But so be it, because it seems like this is what it takes. The last few classes I couldn’t do the last sparring round because my body felt broken. I just have to steel myself for it.

This seems like the normal training routine for a pro fighter, but I don’t recover as fast as I did when I was 20.

The other day, my masseuse Teri asked me if I was lifting weights because I had more definition in my arms. I was like….

I’m so happy Captain is the jiujitsu teacher. I can really get behind him and trust him. He came up the same way I did….Judo, BJJ, MMA. So his attitude is very Japanese. We bow into class Japanese style, he uses the technique names in Japanese, and teaches us Judo throws. I’ve always wanted to review my Judo, and he makes an effort to go out of his way to teach me. He spent his free time on Saturday to come corner me, Brandon, and Enzo, at the BJJ tournament. Yesterday when I was getting frustrated, he put his hand on my head and said, “No emotions!” Just like the Jedi code I believe in. lol
master-yoda He said, “We don’t need emotion. Like samurai! Win or lose. I don’t run and jump on cage like RAAAAAAHHHH! Be like Samurai!” That’s exactly what my Japanese friend told me. I love it.

I’ve been teaching a lot lately, not only my little kids BJJ class, but helping Rick with the big kids class. I really love coaching the big kids class. I don’t have to worry as much about discipline and can just teach them the moves.

I promoted my first student! Congrats, Preston! I’m so so SO proud of you!!!
I’m really really strict with my promotions, too. I don’t promote on time, but ability…

Even though I got hurt (emotionally) these past weeks, my mind knows what to do, and I know who to trust, so I just smile, make a plan and proceed! That’s what I’ve always done. I still wake up everyday excited for training. And tostadas.

Finally, anime. I’ve been looking forward to this new anime called “Drifters” which is done by Kouta Hirano, the same guy who did Hellsing.
The art is really cool, and it’s creepy how the characters smile demonically as they’re fighting, as if they enjoy bloodbaths. It’s actually like a twisted, guilty pleasure to watch…. the voice actor for the main character is Yuichi Nakamura and I’m a HUGE fan of his. *_*
And….after I watched the only two eps out twice in a row (is that weird?) I got the urge to watch Hellsing again, even though the level of blood and guts exceeds the Roxy Tolerance level.
My psyche hurts watching, but I can’t look away….and I have a crush on Alucardo’s voice, Jouji Nakata’s… *_*