Brittany’s visit pt 2 and updates

So on Wednesday, Brittany and I did lots and lots of technique practice, and I showed her cool stuff.

Got a pic together with Coach John! 😀 These are my favorite people right here! <3 bri and john and roxy at syndicate
And my favorite SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA T-shirt. 😀

Then we went to Skyzone, a trampoline park. I took lots of pictures of her, but for some weird reason, only a few of them actually got saved. I hate LG smart phones. ~_~ I can’t figure them out, despite being technology saavy.
This is me hurling myself into a foam pit.
roxy in foam pit22

roxy jumping in foam pit2

On Thursday, we both took it easy with a bit of private training, and went out for lunch at this healthy place called “juice n go” on Rainbow Road just past Drysdale’s. Um, it turned to be a take-out place, so we sat on the ground nearby to eat. lol
juice n go zoomed out

I told Brittany that I didn’t want to get a whole Acai bowl because it was too big to eat that plus other lunch. She laughed and then got a large and then marveled at the size. Hahaha! I got a mini. 🙂
big juice small juice
Plus a turkey quesadilla. I don’t know how I felt about that. They used a spinach-wrap tortilla with a few leaves of spinach, cheese, and some chunks of turkey. Delicious, but not very substantial.
quesadilla w turkey
Good thing I drank protein after practice and packed vegetables from home. As I stated in THIS entry, I have dietary needs…

We went shopping at the Las Vegas Fight Shop for hours. haha I literally fell asleep in the chair because I was exhausted from training.
So last time I went to the Fight Shop, there was a huge cardboard cut out of Chael Sonnen. I told Brittany and she got all excited, because she’s a big fan. But we didn’t see him when we went into the shop this time, so I said to the staff lady, “Where’s Chael?” She replied, “He’s in the bathroom.”

HAHAHAhaha. Right? So we went about our business. The next day we went back and told a salesman about the joke. He said, “No, we really put him in the store bathroom…..”

REALLY?!? So we asked them if he could get Chael out of the bathroom so we Brittany could take pictures with him.
brittany with chael1

Haha he looks sooo real….
This one was not a pose…she was moving the cardboard cutout. LOOK at the LOVING expression on her face? Haha #fangirl
loving touch of buri
You know, I’m not going to make a comment on the recent events surrounding Chael. I think he’s inspiring and I don’t know the whole story. So yeah.

Friday we all did the MMA class! 😀 fun fun stuff!
Me, Serena, and Brittany!
roxy serena and buri at syndicate

Back in Japan, my former teammate Kenji Osawa retired and had a retirement ceremony. I used to train with him when I was at Keishukai when I first moved to Japan. Awesome fighter, even better man. (left) And I miss Kadowaki-san… (right) SO much.

oosawa san and kadowaki
I just want to say congratulations! Otsukare sama deshita! good luck with your gym HEARTS. I hope to practice there one day soon. 🙂 That’s where Brittany is now.

On Friday night, Brittany and I went to “Real MMA” where some of my teammates fought. We stayed out late and I still haven’t caught up on my sleep yet. But it was worth it. I miss Brittany so much! ;_; I wish my body and brain didn’t just SHUT DOWN after 9:30 PM. _< Unless I drink caffeine. Brittany went to Florida to visit her family. She's there now, having fun. <3 Yesterday I was SO tired, but did mitts and MMA class and it was awesome. I still don't have a fight lined up yet. 🙁 I hope soon. I'm ready. …